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Providing The Bridge To a Greener Enviroment.

Concrete Floor Coatings for FDA & USDA Approval

F-2002 an Acid Replacement Cleaner that Dissolves Uratic Salts

Looking for Bugs R' Done?

Avoid Slip & Falls in Commercial Kitchens

Minimal Risk Pest Control Products

Prevent scale and slime buildup in supermarket's display cases with Scum Away

Avoid Insect Infestations Via Your Drain Lines

Disinfect Athletic Facilities with Clorox Total 360 System

Safety Solvent for Industrial and Municipal Applications

Rapid Seal Emergency Roof Patch Stops Leaks Fast

Rust Removal No Problem Using RC-346 Rust Converter from Chemex

How to Clean and Disinfect an Irregular Surface with Electrostatic Technology - It Allows for Superior Coverage

Information on Disinfectants with Fogging Applications

Hospital Disinfectant: Fuzion from Clorox kills C-diff in 2 minutes

Hospital Drain Opener: The Odorless Solution to Clogged Drains

Office Building Plumbing Maintenance: Dissolving Uratic Salts

Industrial Floor Drain Protection: Prevent Buildup, Odors, and Pests

Nursing Home Facilities and Housekeeping: Odor and Stain Control

Green Drain: Sewer Gas Prevention in Your Industrial Facility

Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner: Digest Grease and Maintain Grease Traps

Commercial Drain Trap Safety: Stop Biological Aerosols

Prevent Radon Gas Infiltration from Your Industrial Drain

Hospital and School Surface Disinfectant: Control Bacteria and Disease

Grease Trap Cleaner:  Maintaining Your Grease Trap

Grease Trap Maintenance: Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner

Outdoor Worker Preparedness -West Nile Virus and Zika

Common HVAC Problems: Keep Condensate Flowing

Staying Dry: Quick Commercial Leak Repair and Prevention

Ice Machine Safety for Food Service

Restaurant Maintenance: Safely and Effectively Clean Without Acid

Why is it so difficult to kill bedbugs?

Apartment Complex Stain & Odor Control: A Safe & Effective Solution

Pet Odors in Artificial Turf

Restaurant Urinal Problems: Keep Your Restrooms Safe and Sanitary

ANSI ASHRAE Standard 188 Legionella Testing

HVAC Maintenance Tips: 4 Problems, 4 Solutions

Rubber Flooring Maintenance Do’s and Don’ts

Food Service Maintenance Tips: Keeping Your Ice Machine Sanitary

Controlling Odors and Stains: A Safe and Organic Approach

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI), on the increase

Floor Drain Problems and Solutions: Prevent Floor Drain Odors and Drain Flies

Simple and Safe Roof Leak Repair: Stay Dry During El Niño

Air Conditioner Repair: Safe and Effective Drainage Pan Treatment

Asian Tiger Mosquitoes, a Serious Threat...

F-2002 Acid Replacement Cleaner - Dissolves Uric Salts in Urinals

Health Risks Related to Condensate Drain Pans

How to Wash your Fire Truck, Without Water

A/C Unit Leaking Water? Condensate Drain Pan Blocked?

“F-2002” Concentrate - Acid Replacement Cleaner - USR

Uratic Salts really mess up urinal lines... - Try Uratic Salts Remover

Eliminate Organic Matter with Natural Bio-Enzymatic Action

Clear clogged drains - An All-Natural Drain Cleaner!

OGS for Your Grill & Oven Cleaning - Food Service Facilities!

Vaportek Odor Control Neutralizes Tough Apartment Building Odors

Odor Restoration Following Fire/Smoke/Flooding

Digest Plus Eliminates Pet Waste in Carpets

Eliminate Tough Organic Odors and Stains, With Digest Plus

Non Toxic to Humans & Animals: Your Alternative to Acids

Bioenzymatic Odor Digester Safely Eliminates Malodors and Waste

Digest Plus Enzyme Producing Bacteria: Safe to Use

Green Drain Will Solve Drain Fly Issues & Control Floor Drain Odors

Green Drain Eliminates Odors, for any Floor Drain

Green Drain Eliminates All Bugs, Including Drain Flies

Green Drain Will Solve Drain Fly Issues and Floor Drain Odors

Vaportek's Odor Neutralizing System for Smoke & Fire Recovery

Pan-Gel Condensate Pan Treatment For A/C and HVAC Systems

Pan-Gel geltabs maintains condensate drain pans

Condensate Drain Pan Treatment 101

F-2002 Safely Dissolves Uratic Salts In Urinals, Without Harmful Fumes

Condensate Pan Treatment: Treat Condensate Drain Pans

Combat mold and algae growth in your condensate drain lines

Prevent overflows by plugged condensate drain lines

A Non Corrosive Acid Replacement Cleaner To Safeguard Your Lungs

USR Effectively Dissolves Uratic Salts in Urinals

Dissolve Uratic Salts & Hard Water Stains, in Urinals

F-2002 Removes Hard Water Scale, Uratic Salts & Cleans Grout

What kills C-diff spores?

How to Clean & Disinfect Your Workplace Using Safe Disinfectants

Hantavirus Outbreak - What You Must Know

Eliminate Uratic Acid Salts, with Uratic Salts Remover - USR

Combatting C. Diff & CRE in the Workplace

Safe Disinfectant to Combat a New SARS-Type Virus

F-2002 Concentrate Acid Replacement Cleaner - Removes Uratic Salts

F-2002 Acid Replacement Solution - Cleans Grout Safely

MRSA & Treatment - Skin Infections – (CA MRSA)

BioProtect Offers Anti Microbial Protection to Schools & Classrooms

Preventing the Spread of Infection in the Health Care Industry

Biostatic Surface Protectant -"BioProtect" AntiMicrobial Protectant


C. Diff Infections Reach All-Time High

Condensate Drain Pan Treatment - Food Service -HVAC - Universities

Do you like your Water Free Urinal?

Eco Friendly Cleaning. Some pertinent info.

Understand enzyme producing bacteria

"F-2002" a Safe Descaler, is an Acid Replacement Cleaner

Chemicator's Tower Tabs for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Disinfect for Flu Season - Pandemic Flu Preparation

Safe Disinfectants. Are You Really Disinfecting?

Shades of Green - Part 3 - Green Cleaning Chemicals

Shades of Green - Part 2 - Green Cleaning Products

Shades of Green - Part 1 - Environmentally Safe Cleaning

Bugs are still biting. West Nile Virus & Encephalitis News

Understanding Enzyme Producing Bacteria

RX-75 Kills Canine Parvovirus, Kills Norovirus - Not Only For Cruise Ships

Reasons to Buy Uratic Salts Remover from Chemex

3 Things to Know about Uratic Salt Remover

Uratic Salts Remover Maintains Waterfree Urinals

Do Acid Replacement Cleaners Really Work?

Enzymes & Bacteriologicals Digests Foul Odors

Safe Disinfectants for your school/class room

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