Non Toxic to Humans & Animals: Your Alternative to Acids

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Aug 27, 2014 @ 14:08 PM

"F-2002" - A safe replacement for acids & caustics

Acid-based cleaners have always been associated with industrial-strength cleaning solutions. There was the belief that the more caustic the cleansing agent, the greater its cleaning capability. But handling acidic & caustic agents, has often injured members of maintenance and a janitorial crews. Moreover, the safe storage of acids requires the allocation of chemical safety cabinets and absorbents, in case of spillage. In most settings, this has proved to be impractical and unsafe.

The development of an acid replacement cleaner that is non toxic to humans & animals is therefore a better solution for the forward-thinking manager. There are no fumes, no corrosive properties and no toxicity. The tech sheet reveals that this type of cleaner is completely biodegradable, which is of great interest for a company that is in the process of going green. At the same time, an acid replacement cleaner often has an equal performance, when compared to their now-outdated acid-laden counterparts. In effect, some modern cleaners actually perform better than the old-fashioned types!

Because of the safety of our "F-2002", an organic salt, it is now also useful for a much wider variety of cleaning tasks. While it was previously questionable to use any cleaner with hydrochloric or hydrofluoric acid contained in the formula, on many ceramic, fiberglass and porcelain surfaces, "F-2002", the acid replacement version, takes on dirt, grime and rust like other products which contain dangerous acids – even on these materials.

Tests have shown that the replacement formula makes quick work of hard water scale, rust, uratic salts, mold and lime as well as grease, hard water spots and scuff marks. In short, this formula is so versatile that it might just replace a host of other cleaners that you would normally stock in an already crowded custodial closet. Useful for cleaning urinals and toilets, tubs, air conditioning coils and vending machines – among other uses – makes this a cleaner that is perfect for schools, hospitals and all types of industrial settings.

We are certain that you have more questions about this revolutionary product – even though seeing truly is believing. Contact us today to order your acid replacement cleaner, discuss the technical specifications of the solution or to inquire about our other products that are safe to use and store in all settings.

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