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uratic salts remover safe to use




F-2002 is a safe, high performance, biodegradable, non-caustic, non-acid,non-corrosive multi-functional cleaner for industrial, municipal and institutional facilities. It removes calcium (tough water scale), soap scum, rust stains, lime mold & mildew. -Yet, unlike other products that create dangerous acidic vapors,

“F-2002” has no harsh fumes, and it is safe to the user and the surfaces being cleaned.



In conventional cleaning, two or more products are typically used: one to remove stains like rust and calcium, another to remove soap scum, mold & mildew. “F-2002” effectively handles both in one operation.

Acid Replacement Cleaners, especially a Concentrate Acid Replacement Cleaner, makes for an economical & safe method to maintain your environment. USR and Uratic Salts Remover can also  be utilized for salt free urinals.


Multiple Areas of Application:


Bathrooms/Restrooms: Cleaning Sinks, Toilets, Tile, Faucets, Ceramic Tile & Grouting

Kitchens & Food Service: Tile Floors, Walls, Grouting & Stainless Steel Equipment

Ridding facilities of dangerous acids and their fumes is very desirable to chief engineers and executive housekeepers. 




  • Safe to use        • High Performance        • Cost Effective   •  Non-Toxic 
  • Non-Fuming      • Environmentally Correct     • 100% Biodegradable
  • Non-Corrosive       •  Non-Regulated Shipping (Regular UPS / FedEx


F-2002 EASILY REMOVES URATIC SALTS. Customers looking for a safe way to maintain free-flowing urinal drain lines, have been delighted by the performance of F-2002


                 SEE "F-2002" Technical Data HERE


                                                    See Safety Data HERE                                                          

  **Please call us. We can answer your questions regarding scale removal and build up of uratic salts**


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