Stop Sewer Gas Odors in Dry Floor Drains with Grape Float

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Jul 8, 2021 @ 15:07 PM



Grape Float Drain Sealing Liquid Deodorizer:


  grape float deodorizes dry floor drains


Odors emitting from your floor drains can permeate a room and even cause illness. If your drain line is in regular usage, there is typically no mechanical or odor problem. It's dry floor drains where these difficulties occur. Plumbing codes require a P-Trap below your floor drain. The function of the P-Trap is to "hold" water in place - precisely to prevent sewer gases and other odorous materials. Without the regular flow of water, these traps dry out. It's just evaporation over time. These traps do not hold more that 10-12 ounces of water, so the traps can dry quite quickly.



Dry drains stink! If you are storing foods and perishables in an area near your drain opening, the malodor is likely to permeate your foods, making them worthless. Additionally a dry drain allows the passage of insects and other creatures entry to your business. More problems for foodstuffs, fabrics and more...

The safe and easy solution for dry floor drains is a water sealant that will stay in place. Our product Grape Float is such a product. A solvent solution, Grape Float will stay in place as water flows in your system. Grape Float creates a non-soluble, deodorizing sealant that generates a deodorizing liquid, that eliminate odors  The fresh grape fragrance is also a winner. This is a long-term solution that may require re-application every 3-4 months.

This product contains no petroleum distillates and no ozone depleters. Grape Float is VOC compliant in all 50 states.

Use Grape Float in drains, including shower drain lines, subject to odor and insect invasion. Another application our customers have found is degreasing and deodorizing your condensate drain lines, in your HVAC systems. Use Grape Float to clean the condensate pan and to ensure that the condensate drain does not clog and over-flow. - YES, it will clear drains and maintain free-flow.

We've been providing Grape Float to customers with waterless urinals for many years. The principal is exactly the same. Keeping the odors from being released from the urinals and maintaining a refreshing grape fragrance, that's unique and long lasting.





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  grape float to deodorize dry drain lines


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