Bioenzymatic Odor Digester Safely Eliminates Malodors and Waste

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DIGEST PLUS Bioenzymatic Odor Digester Safely Eliminates Malodors and Waste Materials

Whether you operate a daycare facility, school, nusrsing home, kennel, or any vocation where the volume of activity: patients, accidents, food waste, etc. contribute to the build-up of malodor; the application of a safe and effective odor eliminator is a necessity. Too often, facility crews waste effort and money, on odor-masking products, that promise to eliminate smells, but really only cover them up for a brief time. A better – and much more cost-effective – solution is the use of an enzyme digestant that digests malodors and waste on contact.

Science backs up this theory. When you consider that harmful bacteria cause countless disease, while beneficial bacteria have actually been harnessed in the production of healthy foods, it makes sense to take a closer look at this second group of microorganisms. When concentrated and put to good use in a concerted action against foul odors, these good bacteria fight persistent bad smells with safe, bio-enzymatic action.

There are no toxic byproducts to this process. Since these specific types of bacteria target odor-causing organic matter and simply digest it, the resulting byproducts are little more than water, harmless enzymes and carbon dioxide, which dissipates quickly. By targeting the root of the odor versus just masking the presence of organic matter that creates the stench, you not only freshen the air in your facility but also clean it up, at the same time.

Bio-enzymatic odor digesters go to work in upholstery and fabrics, which are notoriously difficult to clean with other commercial cleaners. Toilets, walls and floors are also good candidates for this type of cleaner. While the odors are being removed, the bacteria do away with their foundation, such as urine, vomit, feces, food and other organic matter. Since the use of these bacteria do not require the addition of caustic cleaning agents that could damage fabrics and other sensitive surfaces, these odor digesters can go to work anywhere there is a foul smell.

"Digest Plus" is not intended for application as an space spray. Simple use on surfaces and specifically sub-surfaces, such as grout, concrete, fabrics, mattresses, hockey bags, etc.

Our municiapal customers tell us that they derive immediate results, when spraying Digest Plus, an enzyme producing bacteria, on cinder block/concrete walls that have been urinated on. Apartment and Hotel housekeeping maintenace use Digest Plus, for odor removal and to control pet accidents, urine & feces in carpeting and even groundcover & shrubbery.

Chemex Industries is an industry leader for safe and effective cleaning products that are appropriate for use in schools, food service establishment and health care facilities. Contact us today for more information on how enzyme digestants can make a huge impact on any odor problem.

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