Condensate Drain Pan Treatment 101

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 11:07 AM

Got biofilm, algae, mold, sediment & deposits in your pan?

Air conditioning (HVAC) units and other machinery that cools air, work by moving warm air over a coil, containing the refrigerant.  The process causes water vapor to condensate into a liquid (in the form of water droplets), which is then collected in your condensate pan.  If you have a window AC unit, you’ve probably seen this process in action, as water drips from the outside of the unit. 

The larger the unit, the more condensation is produced—for example, a 6,000 pound AC unit can produce as much as two gallons of liquid per hour.  All of that condensate must be piped away through a drain, to prevent an overflow.  Often, materials such as rust and slime (as well as bacteria) can build up in the condensate drain pan, clogging the drain and causing a subsequent overflow. For this reason, condensate drain pans must be effectively treated & maintained with condensate drain line cleaner to dissolve the rust and slime, in order to permit the draining process to move smoothly and to prevent potentially dangerous bacteria from being introduced into the environment, via air ducts.

Facilities which require large air conditioning units are most at risk of slime (biofilm) build-up and most in need of an effective drain pan treatment. These include commercial properties, health care facilities, hotels, senior living facilities, supermarkets, office buildings, apartment complexes, among others.

Condensate drain pan treatment is essential to eliminate the hazards, as outlined.


See Technical Data HEREcondensate drain line treatment, geltabs, sticky tabs     A number of commercially-available products, such as tablets, gels and drain pads, will dissolve slime and rust to maintain efficient drainage action.  Each product contains a different combination of chemicals, such as biocides and chemicals which neutralize pH, and each works in a slightly different way—for example, some include a time release mechanism.  Products are designed to work with AC units of different sizes.  Finally, some products are more environmentally safe than others. 


Advantages of Slime-Away Sticky Geltabs

Of the several available products, Slime-Away Sticky geltabs provide a number of important advantages.  They lock in place, to prevent movement, which can otherwise clog the drain. Slime Away Sticky Geltabs start to work as soon as they placed in the drain pan. They have a time-release action to ensure treatment is constant and continual.  And they prevent odors associated with stagnated/standing water.

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See Technical Data HERE




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