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Pan-Gel Condensate Pan Treatment For A/C and HVAC Systems

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 15:07 PM

Eliminate plugged condensate drainlines

                                                                                   condensate pan Treatment

As the compressor in your A/C or HVAC system runs, it creates a heat exchange that allows the system to emit hot or cold air. As part of this heat exchange, the compressor pulls water from the room air as it operates. Most of the country has been noticing higher humidity levels, thus more stress on the A/C to dehumidify.  Most units use a drain pan and drain lines to funnel the condensation from this process, and to route it away from your system and its surroundings. Some systems utilize a pump to assist the drainage & more often it drains by gravity alone.

But over time, that pan and the drain lines can get clogged with algae, slime, debris, sediments, and various minerals.  Additioanlly, the pan itself deteriorates because of rust etc. and provides an uneven surface. This is an ideal spot for water stagnation. Chemex Industries Pan-Gel condensate pan treatment is a water-activated gel that both cleans and prevents your drain pan and lines from becoming obstructed.  As water from your A/C or HVAC system drips into the drain pan and lines, it mixes with the slow-release cleaner in the Pan-Gel treatment, removing debris and deposits and allowing the condensation to freely drain from your system, as intended.

Each pan gel treatment lasts approximately six months, and helps cut down on costly maintenance and repairs, that can become necessary when mineral build up, dust, or debris block your drain lines or build up in your drain pan. Because this process keeps your pan and lines clean, you don't have to worry about the drain pan overflowing and creating water damage in/under your system, or the safety hazard where excess leaking could cause a short. 

Other health & safety concerns are slipping/falling & the release of the potential for Legionella ( deadly bacterium) and a variety of other pathogenic organisms. The fungus Aspergillus & Mycobacterium tuberculosis can thrive in the environment that the drip pan provides.Typical A/C units used in hotels & some hospitals have air blowing through the coil and can cause the water in the pan to aerosollize (small particles) and become airborne.

Pan-Gel is NSF Registered.              Pan Gel Special Offer

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 Pan-Gel is NSF Registered   NSF Registered

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Pan-Gel geltabs maintains condensate drain pans

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 16:07 PM

 condensate drain pan treatment

Air Conditioning condensate drain pans and lines can be breeding grounds for mold and sludge. These two culprits can lead to big problems, if left unchecked. Mold growth in the condensate drain pan, can negatively affect air quality. Mold is a recognized allergen that has been linked to breathing difficulties and severe illness. Sludge in drain pans and lines can cause stale water odors, and worse; they can lead to clogged or plugged lines. Sludge clogs in the pan or line do not allow the plumbing hardware, to function properly. Condensate that backs up and overflows can cause troublesome and expensive damage to surrounding structures. Avoid these issues with regular maintenance, that incorporates Pan-Gel geltabs.

Pan-Gel geltabs have locking action. It works like this: 

Condensate drips or flows over the tabs, which then produce a gel that locks the tab in place. The tabs are formulated with the powerful ingredient  "AT-8", and operate by means of very slow gel release. The slow release provides aggressive, sustained cleaning action. It prevents mold and sludge formation and buildup and keeps drain pans and lines clear. Stale water odors are prevented because these substances are never allowed to form.

Pan-Gel geltabs begin working immediately and prevent issues that can lead to costly repairs. Significantly, these geltabs do not release chlorine or other toxic or noxious fumes. They are perfect for use in industrial plants, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, schools, food preparation areas, nursing homes, hotels and motels.

Pan-Gel geltabs are NSF Registered:condensate drain pan treatment


                 Special Pan-Gel Offer


Control odors and prevent overflow, inhibit the growth of bacteria, the production of algae, scum and disease-causing organisms, by simply placing the Pan-gel geltab on the condensate drain line. Lasts up to six months.

At Chemex Industries, we provide an an extensive line of environmentally safe solutions for all your maintenance needs and safety requirements. Contact us today to find out more about Pan-Gel gel tabs and other products to meet your facility maintenance and custodial requirements. We are committed to providing a bridge to a greener community with integrity and superior customer service.

    See Pan_Gel Tech Data Here

       Pan-Gel geltabs        pan gel gel tabs, condensate drain line treatment


  condensate pan treatment                Pan Gel Special Offer

Topics: eliminates plugged condensate drain lines, condensate drain pan treatment, condensate drain lines, drain care, inhibit growth of bacteria, inhibit odor causing bacteria

Condensate Drain Pan Treatment 101

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jul 11, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

Got biofilm, algae, mold, sediment & deposits in your pan?

Air conditioning (HVAC) units and other machinery that cools air, work by moving warm air over a coil, containing the refrigerant.  The process causes water vapor to condensate into a liquid (in the form of water droplets), which is then collected in your condensate pan.  If you have a window AC unit, you’ve probably seen this process in action, as water drips from the outside of the unit. 

The larger the unit, the more condensation is produced—for example, a 6,000 pound AC unit can produce as much as two gallons of liquid per hour.  All of that condensate must be piped away through a drain, to prevent an overflow.  Often, materials such as rust and slime (as well as bacteria) can build up in the condensate drain pan, clogging the drain and causing a subsequent overflow. For this reason, condensate drain pans must be effectively treated & maintained with condensate drain line cleaner to dissolve the rust and slime, in order to permit the draining process to move smoothly and to prevent potentially dangerous bacteria from being introduced into the environment, via air ducts.

Facilities which require large air conditioning units are most at risk of slime (biofilm) build-up and most in need of an effective drain pan treatment. These include commercial properties, health care facilities, hotels, senior living facilities, supermarkets, office buildings, apartment complexes, among others.

Condensate drain pan treatment is essential to eliminate the hazards, as outlined.


See Technical Data HEREcondensate drain line treatment, geltabs, sticky tabs     A number of commercially-available products, such as tablets, gels and drain pads, will dissolve slime and rust to maintain efficient drainage action.  Each product contains a different combination of chemicals, such as biocides and chemicals which neutralize pH, and each works in a slightly different way—for example, some include a time release mechanism.  Products are designed to work with AC units of different sizes.  Finally, some products are more environmentally safe than others. 


Advantages of Slime-Away Sticky Geltabs

Of the several available products, Slime-Away Sticky geltabs provide a number of important advantages.  They lock in place, to prevent movement, which can otherwise clog the drain. Slime Away Sticky Geltabs start to work as soon as they placed in the drain pan. They have a time-release action to ensure treatment is constant and continual.  And they prevent odors associated with stagnated/standing water.

To be sure you’re purchasing the correct product to maintain uninterrupted and free flowing drainage, team with Chemex, with 30 + years experience, providing specialty chemicals, safety supplies and equipment..

 We can answer your questions and provide the level of customer service you deserve.

For more information, contact us today. 


See Technical Data HERE




                  condensate drain pan treatment, drain pan tablets, gel tabs





                     condensate drain pan treatment, pan gel works, condensate pan tablets

Topics: condensate drain pan treatment, removes calcium rust & lime deposits, condensate drain lines

Condensate Pan Treatment: Treat Condensate Drain Pans

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 9, 2014 @ 18:07 PM

                                                                                              Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

The condensate pan catches water from the cooling coils of air conditioners and refrigeration units. On hot, humid days, large volumes of condensate drain off. Most problems with condensate pans involve leaking of water, because the drainage from the pan, has become blocked. Condensate pans tend to accumulate sludge, algae and scum, that can create unpleasant odors as well as block your drain. 

Blocked or poorly draining condensate pans can cause serious problems. A pool of stagnant liquid under the air conditioner can breed diseases, including Legionnaires. Leaking water can destroy carpets and cause structural damage to walls, floors and ceilings. Aside from the various health risks, the "flooding" can cause slip & fall incidents.


                            Special Pan-Gel Offer

Pans also tend to be located in places that are difficult to clean. Liquid additives poured into pans may wash out some of the sludge, but the additive will rapidly drain away and the problem will recur. Solid cleaners tend to move with the water flow and often block the drain. Some wax-based products will melt, in-place, causing a mess.

Our Pan Gel are positioned right in the pan. As condensate comes in contact with Pan Gel, it securely locks in place. As water continues to flow over the tab, it releases the cleanser that clears the sludge out of the pan and opens the drain lines. No more odor and no more blocked drains. Each Pan Gel tab lasts about six months. 

The Pan Gel tabs do not contain chlorine or any other chemical that can release noxious fumes. They are 100% biodegradable. They are safe to use in computer rooms, hospitals & schools. They come in various sizes for HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and cold room applications. 



                  Pan Gel Special Offer

      Pan-Gel are NSF Registered    Pan-Gel Geltabs

We are experts in specialty products. Don't hesitate to contact us about products for any application. We specialize in environmentally friendly solutions. 



               Condensate pan treatment             pan gel gel tabs, condensate drain line treatment


environmentally safe solutions     Please see Tech Sheet Here

Topics: eliminates plugged condensate drain lines, condensate drain pan treatment, condensate drain lines, inhibit odor causing bacteria, indoor air quality concerns

Combat mold and algae growth in your condensate drain lines

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 7, 2014 @ 15:07 PM


High heat, humidity & dampness can be a recipe for mold and related micro toxins, in many facilities. Southern California battles these elements, year round.  Indoor air quality suffers, as heat soars.

HVAC systems encounter mold growth on the inside of the building’s return air ducts. Additionally, the condensate drain lines become clogged with algae, slime & other encrusted matter.

Blocked condensate drain lines, can cause indoor air quality concerns, as well as causing algae, slime and mold to form. Water overflowing the pan causes slip and falls. Consider using a condensate drain line treatment, or a condensate drain pan treatment.

Using a Hospital Grade Disinfectant product (Phenomenal), a drain-line opener for the condensate lines and a condensate pan treatment, to be placed on the pan itself, is an effective 3-pronged approach to remedy.

To learn more about this effective 3-pronged approach, please contact us via e-mail at:        

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   Special Pan-Gel Offer


         environmentally safe solutions, condensdate drain line treatment       condensate drain line treatment, pan gel,

Topics: hospital grade disinfectant, eliminates plugged condensate drain lines, condensate drain pan treatment, condensate drain lines, drain care, inhibit growth of bacteria, inhibit odor causing bacteria, indoor air quality concerns

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