Condensate Pan Treatment: Treat Condensate Drain Pans

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 9, 2014 @ 15:07 PM

                                                                                              Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

The condensate pan catches water from the cooling coils of air conditioners and refrigeration units. On hot, humid days, large volumes of condensate drain off. Most problems with condensate pans involve leaking of water, because the drainage from the pan, has become blocked. Condensate pans tend to accumulate sludge, algae and scum, that can create unpleasant odors as well as block your drain. 

Blocked or poorly draining condensate pans can cause serious problems. A pool of stagnant liquid under the air conditioner can breed diseases, including Legionnaires. Leaking water can destroy carpets and cause structural damage to walls, floors and ceilings. Aside from the various health risks, the "flooding" can cause slip & fall incidents.


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Pans also tend to be located in places that are difficult to clean. Liquid additives poured into pans may wash out some of the sludge, but the additive will rapidly drain away and the problem will recur. Solid cleaners tend to move with the water flow and often block the drain. Some wax-based products will melt, in-place, causing a mess.

Our Pan Gel are positioned right in the pan. As condensate comes in contact with Pan Gel, it securely locks in place. As water continues to flow over the tab, it releases the cleanser that clears the sludge out of the pan and opens the drain lines. No more odor and no more blocked drains. Each Pan Gel tab lasts about six months. 

The Pan Gel tabs do not contain chlorine or any other chemical that can release noxious fumes. They are 100% biodegradable. They are safe to use in computer rooms, hospitals & schools. They come in various sizes for HVAC, commercial refrigeration, and cold room applications. 



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      Pan-Gel are NSF Registered    Pan-Gel Geltabs

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