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Restaurant Urinal Problems: Keep Your Restrooms Safe and Sanitary

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 14:04 PM

uratic salts remover, maintain free flowing urinalsNo matter what line of work you’re in, what type of market you serve, or where you’re located, one thing that every customer, client, guest and employee is going to experience is your restrooms.  The cleanliness, operation and appearance of your business’ restrooms can have quite an impact on your customers’ experience.  A survey done by Opinion Research Corp. showed that 69% of customers would not patronize a restaurant with unclean restrooms.  Also, 39% of customers claimed to have immediately left a restaurant when the restroom smelled like urine. 

Urinals may seem like a simple amenity, but if not properly maintained and cleaned, they can create a number of problems that reach past your restroom doors.  In fact, 55% of customers said they would give a restaurant a negative review, both online and offline, based on restroom cleanliness.  Bradley Corp., a plumbing fixture company, conducted a similar survey and received the same results.  80% of customers would avoid a restaurant with a dirty restroom, with the top complaint being urine odor. 

So with odor control and cleanliness being such an important factor for your customers (and understandably so), how do you not only control restroom odors, but eliminate them to create a clean, safe, and welcoming environment?  You have to eliminate it at the source, uratic salts.

What are uratic salts?  Uratic salts are a hard, crystalline substance that build up in urinal pipes, creating a foul odor and other problems, including drain line blockages.  One key problem with uratic salts and urine odors is that they cannot be covered up, they can only be removed. 

How do you remove uratic salts?  The most effective and safest solution is a product called U.S.R.  U.S.R stands for uratic salts remover.  This solution is specifically designed for one problem and that is urinal pipe build up.  U.S.R. safely and easily removes the accumulation of uratic salts and eliminates the source of the odor while cleaning the fixture. (Check out the U.S.R. technical sheet)

You can observe U.S.R.’s effectiveness by placing an entire egg in glass filled with U.S.R. and water.  The eggshell simulates the calcium and mineral deposits that are found in urinals.  The shell will rapidly dissolve, while leaving the membrane of the egg intact, displaying its simultaneous power and safety.

So if your bar, restaurant, or any other property with urinals is having odor problems, it’s likely due to a build-up of uratic salts.  With U.S.R. you can keep your bathrooms clean and your customers happy and returning. 

U.S.R. is a product of Chemex Industries.  For over 40 years Chemex Industries has been providing effective and environmentally safe cleaning and maintenance solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

Learn More About USR and our Special OFFER

uratic salts remover, salt free urinals, opens blocked urinals 

View Technical Data Here

Safety Data (SDS)

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F-2002 Safely Dissolves Uratic Salts In Urinals, Without Harmful Fumes

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

F-2002 Safely Dissolves Uratic Salts In Urinals, Without Harmful Fumes

uratic salts remover, removes uratic salts

Nobody enjoys dealing with problems related to industrial bathrooms. The smell of the urinals is often overpowering, and the chemicals prescribed to clean them are generally harsh, toxic, and underwhelming in their ability to get the job done. All to often, multiple products are required to tackle the different kinds of encrusted buildup, and the mixing of these products causes harmful fumes, that is apparent with many industrial cleaners.



F-2002, an Acid Replacement Cleaner Does the Job Of Multiple Cleaners

Most maintenance personnel currently use various products to tackle uratic salts (uric salts), that encrust urinals and cause blockages. Mold and mildew, that get in grout and other bathroom fixtures, as well as rust stains, also heighten the concern.  All of these chemicals are typically corrosive and produce harmful fumes, that can be unhealthy for workers. F-2002 safely and effectively accomplishes all of these jobs and more. This makes F-2002 a cost effective option, with the added benefits for workers health.


F-2002 Is Non-Toxic, An Acid Replacement Cleaner

F-2002 safely dissolves uratic salts in urinals with a non-toxic and biodegradable formula. This descaler effectively tackles large accumulations of odorous uratic salt buildup, safely without the corrosive properties. It works effectively on all bathroom cleaning jobs including difficult soap scum and various stains, including rust, without emitting vapors. F-2002 is also a great cleaning agent in food service environments, because of its non-toxic formula. It is safe to use on stainless steel equipment, tile floors, walls, and grouting in commercial kitchens.


Opens Blocked Urinals...




A non corrosive acid replacement cleaner for numerous surfaces.

Additionally, F-2002's application as a floor cleaner/degreaser, on ceramic or quarry tile will increase the slip resistance factor.

If you would like more information on using this non-toxic alternative, for your industrial/commercial  applications, please contact us today.


     uratic salts remover, dissolves uratic salts, opens blocked urinals             acid replacement cleaner, dissolves scale


         See "F-2002" Label Copy Here          


See "F-2002" Technical Data Here




Topics: salt-free urinals, removes calcium rust & lime deposits, drain care, eliminate uric acid salts, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, concentrate acid replacement cleaner, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, inhibit odor causing bacteria, Uratic Salts Remover

A Non Corrosive Acid Replacement Cleaner To Safeguard Your Lungs

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 16:07 PM


Most workers who handle chemical cleaners, especially acid cleaners, know it's not a good idea to inhale the fumes, and some have suffered burns or irritations when these agents have come in contact with their skin. Although the link between acid cleaners and health problems might be obvious, many people aren't aware that scientific research has documented this link for some time.

Studies in recent years -- particularly the report from the "Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2010*" -- have proved that employees who work with or near acid cleaners have developed asthmatic symptoms where none existed previously. Custodians in institutions are particularly at risk because of the frequency and quantity of exposure.

Researchers have known about these problems for much longer, however. In 2003, professor Kenneth D. Rosenman from Michigan State University established that 12 percent of asthmatic conditions documents in cases involving four states were all connected to chemical cleaners. A full four-fifth of these workers had not experienced asthmatic symptoms before.

F-2002, our acid replacement cleaner, safely opens clogged urinals without using harsh chemicals that hurt the health of the worker or damage the environment. F-2002 has the same strength of acid cleaners to remove uratic salts -- and the strong odors and slime build-up associated with clogged urinals -- but with the mildness of liquid dish soap, and without any of the chemicals that have been shown to aggravate asthmatic conditions.

A non corrosive acid replacement cleaner.

For more information about our quality acid replacement cleaners, contact us or browse our site to find the best products for your cleaning needs.

*Zock JP, Vizcaya D, Le Moual N. 2010. Update on asthma and cleaners. Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology 10(2): 114-120.


environmentally safe solutions         Contact Chemex


   See Product Label           Technical Data Sheet


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USR Effectively Dissolves Uratic Salts in Urinals

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 12:07 PM

USR Uratic Salts Remover dissolves uratic salts 


When it comes time to clean urinals and maintain them, it is common to find that they drain slowly and give off unpleasant odors. Uratic salts are often the culprit.

Uratic salts are salts that come from the Uratic acid produced in urine. When it builds up in urinals and pipe walls, it can impede water flow and cause slow drainage. Because slow drainage can lead to unpleasant slime buildup, this also becomes a source of foul odor. Treating these odors with deodorizer is simply a mask and fails to address the root cause. Therefore, the stench always returns.



There is an answer for toilets and urinals with uratic salt build up: USR dissolves uratic salts in urinals. USR stands for Uratic Salts Remover, and it does what the name indicates. This concentrated formula is highly effective and easy to use. Simply pour 3 to 4 ounces into the  urinal drain, on a regular basis, to open clogged drains and eliminate odors. Additionally, USR is safe on all plumbing, including all metal pipes, PVC and plastic. Make USR a part of regular scheduled maintenance to keep drains flowing properly and prevent odors.

Public restrooms in high traffic or industrial areas do not have to be a challenge to clean and maintain. USR is an effective, one stop uratic salt solution for custodial and facilities maintenance professionals. In addition to uratic salts, it also removes calcium, rust and lime deposits. USR is safe to use on porcelain. Including USR to your  restroom maintenance program, ensures proper water flow and odor control, making the restroom experience more functional and pleasant for users and easier to service.


Please Contact us for more information on USR and other products in our extensive line of environmentally safe solutions, for all your maintenance needs and safety requirements.


        "Go with the Flow"URATIC SALTS REMOVER    environmentally safe solutions



 See Technical Data HERE


  See Label Copy HERE

 uratic salts remover, removes uric salts

Topics: salt-free urinals, removes calcium rust & lime deposits, eliminate uric acid salts, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, Uratic Salts Remover

Dissolve Uratic Salts & Hard Water Stains, in Urinals

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 20:06 PM

Uratic Salts Remover

If you think back to your school days, you might remember that a trip to the Men’s Room could be less than pleasant.  Maybe you wondered, “Where is that smell coming from?”  Chances are, it was coming from the urinals.

The problem of urinal odors doesn’t stop in school districts.  Many hospitals, industrial plants and commercial buildings have been faced with this same problem, and have found it difficult to find an adequate solution.  The problem is compounded by the fact that it’s not always easy to identify the source of the odor—this is especially the case in large buildings where voids connect several floors and odors coming from one floor may surface on a different floor. 

What causes the problem of urinal odor, and how can it be eradicated? Here are some of the chief causes of urinal odors:

  1. Urinals are not properly cleaned:  in some cases, the simple answer is wrong chemistry: lack of an effective cleaning agent, one which dissolves uratic salts, is being used.  If you see brown stains (rust) under the urinal bowl and around the traps, a probable  cause is ineffective cleaning.
  2. Flush water is inadequate:  urinals that use water (as opposed to waterless urinals) require a sufficient water flow to operate efficiently.  In some systems, several urinals derive water from a single cistern—those which are farthest from the cistern don’t receive enough water.  One solution is the use of a sensor flush controller, which automatically flush the urinal, after the urinal is used, and every few hours when the urinal hasn’t been used.
  3. Broken pipes: copper pipes in particular tend to break over time, and odor in those pipes ends up in the restroom.  Typically, this can be repaired by installing new pipes.  However, if the break has caused urine to seep into the panels or grouting, replacing the pipes won’t fix the problem. In this situation, areas which have been exposed to urine will need to be thoroughly cleaned or replaced.
  4. Malfunctioning valves:  some urinals are fitted with one-way valves that prevent water from being sucked out of the traps when a urinal is flushed.  In those which aren't, the water seal can break and odors in the pipes will leak into the washroom.
  5. High traffic:  you might notice odors at times of the day when many people are using the washroom—for example, during the lunch hour or over coffee breaks.  This is probably not a problem with the urinals, but due to urine particles spraying into the air.
  6. Temperature:  bacteria tend to multiply in warmer temperatures.  If a washroom is excessively warm, bacteria can grow and odors result.

Your best solution to prevent urinal problems, which result in odors, is to use a cleaning product which effectively dissolves uratic salts.  "F-2002" is such a product—powerful, because it uses an organic salt, but mild like liquid dish soap, and environmentally safe. 

To learn more about using F-2002 to safely dissolve uratic salts in urinalscontact us today.

                 see product label here

      Environmentally Safe Solutions


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                               Product Description

Topics: salt-free urinals, drain care, eliminate uric acid salts, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, concentrate acid replacement cleaner, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, Uratic Salts Remover

F-2002 Removes Hard Water Scale, Uratic Salts & Cleans Grout

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 18:06 PM


uratic salts remover, dissolves uric salts

Hard water scale and encrusted build up on surfaces cause unsanitary issues and other safety concerns. For this very reason, it is important to use a product that removes hard water scale, cleans grout, soap scum, mold & mildew, while being both reliable and safe. While many businesses may use acidic cleaners, a mild yet effective acid replacement cleaner will be just as productive. F-2002, an acid replacement cleaner, cleans and descales urinals,as well as removing encrusted buildup, is an ideal and optimum product for industries looking for safer alternatives.

Hard water scaling is developed over time. For example, areas where there is continuous water flow (tiles, grouting, drains, etc.) may see some buildup in between tiles, drains, and surfaces. This is because water contains minerals, such as calcium, that will precipitate out of the water and slowly collect around surfaces. When water temperature is high (such as in  boilers), there will be a greater amount of minerals precipitating and forming on surfaces. Hard water scale can later prove to be a problem. A product that cleans and descales boilers can help prevent hard water scaling from building up and getting out of hand.

In restrooms and bathrooms, grout may develop on tiles due to hard water. When quarry and ceramic tiles are not regularly cleaned, buildup from dirt, grease, and soap can slowly ruin the tiles. Using a reliable product that cleans grout and tiles and removes hard water scale will be beneficial in the long-run. Neglected and dirty tiles will become weaker and more porous in time, making dirt trapped in the surface nearly impossible to remove. This buildup on the grout  or tiles, can leave stains that destroy the aesthetically pleasant and crisp look of a room. Use a cleaning product such as F-2002, that can help fight grease and grout and remove any unwanted mineral hardening on surfaces.

Since kitchens and food preparation rooms have constant contact with water, rust and grout may be present on preparation surfaces and sinks. The moisture, chemicals, and heat in a kitchen can quicken the rate of rust and grout forming. In addition to this, the grease and blood from food can react with surfaces and breed germs. It is vital for kitchen and food preparation surfaces to be cleaned daily if not more frequently. Using a product that cleans grout and removes hard water scale from surfaces, will help keep prevent the growth and transmission of bacteria.


In areas where hard water scale or grout is dominant, chemical cleaners are used in order to remove unwanted buildup. However, acid cleaners can be dangerous to a person’s health. If they are used on a surfaces that are in contact with food, food contamination might occur, which can cause harm to the general public (consumers).

A better solution would be to use an acid replacement cleaner, such as F-2002, to help clean tiles and boilers. F-2002  removes hard water scale, cleans grout, and cleans and descales boilers. As a dependable cleaning product, F-2002 can help industries in keeping their areas not just clean, but also safe.

F-2002 is used as an Uratic Salts Remover, for free flowing urinals.


Please call us with your questions regarding scale build up and uratic salts removal. Ask for Barry.


                     Product Description Page



                        dissolves uratic salts, safe uratic salts remover, salt free urinals,               Uratic Salts Remover, salt free urinals, safe descaler

Topics: Replace acids, salt-free urinals, eliminate uric acid salts, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, odor removal, Uratic Salts Remover

Eliminate Uratic Acid Salts, with Uratic Salts Remover - USR

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Sep 10, 2013 @ 17:09 PM


Urinal-1Uratic Salts Remover or Uric Acid Salts have become somewhat of a nightmare for building engineers, maintenance supervisors and plumbers. Rust, lime, scale and uratic salts will gradually coat the urinal drain lines, without a proper preventative maintenance program. The advent of waterfree urinals have dramatically increased the necessity for better drain preservation. Without maintenance, these urinal lines clog, back-up and create foul odors. The main lines that the urinal lines flow into also are minimized by these same uratic salts (uric salts).

  A simple maintenance program of applying "USR," a uratic salt remover, on a regular basis (once monthly), will effectively remove uratic salts buildup in your lines. 

Removing the scale, uratic salts and slime deposits will also eliminate the foul odors. Just add 3-4 ounces of USR every month, to open urinal drain lines and keep them free-flowing.


  • Eliminate Uric Acid Salts
  • Safe on all plumbing
  • Safe on porcelain surfaces
  • Eliminate malodors in urinal lines
  • Safe odorless solution
  • Removes Calcium deposits
  • Removes Rust & Lime







See Technical Data HERE  

See USR Label Copy Here


uratic salts remover, usr, salt free urinals

Topics: salt-free urinals, drain care, eliminate uric acid salts, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, Uratic Salts Remover

F-2002 Concentrate Acid Replacement Cleaner - Removes Uratic Salts

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Sep 28, 2012 @ 18:09 PM


uratic salts remover, dissolves uric salts

F-2002 is a safe, high performance-biodegradable, non-caustic, non-acid, non-corrosive, multi-functional cleaner, for industrial, municipal and institutional facilities. It removes calcium (tough water scale), soap scum, rust stains, lime mold & mildew. Yet, unlike other products that create dangerous acidic vapors, F-2002 has no harsh fumes, and it is safe to the user and the surfaces being cleaned.

In conventional cleaning, two or more products are typically used: one to remove stains like rust and calcium, another to remove soap scum, mold & mildew. F2002 effectively handles both in one operation.

Multiple Area of Application:

Bathrooms/Restrooms: Cleaning Sinks, Toilets, Tile, Faucets, Ceramic Tile & Grouting

Kitchens & Food Service: Tile Floors, Walls, Grouting & Stainless Steel Equipment

Ridding facilities of dangerous acids and their fumes is very desirable to chief engineers and executive housekeepers.





uratic salts remover, acid replacement cleaner descalerF-2002 Effectively Cleans & Descales Urinals

         When F-2002 goes down the drain line it will Remove Heavy, Encrusted, Uratic Salt Deposits, Providing Salt-Free Urinals. Removing encrustations, will also remove malodors.

F-2002 is a 25% Concentrate, providing greater cleaning power and economy



 We can answer your technical questions regarding uratic salts removers and safe alternatives to remove scale and corrosion. Ask for Barry

                 F-2002 Removes Hard Water Scale, acid replacement cleaner


         Please See Product Description Report


                         uratic salt remover, dissolves uratic salts, opens blocked urinals


Topics: Eco Friendly Cleaning, Replace acids, salt-free urinals, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, concentrate acid replacement cleaner

F-2002 Acid Replacement Solution - Cleans Grout Safely

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Sep 21, 2012 @ 14:09 PM


cleans tile and grout safely, removes uratic salts 

When it comes to cleaning and sanitizing—such as rust removal, unclogging urinals, and scrubbing tiles—one major requirement to be considered is not only the effectiveness of the product, but also its safety. Most heavy-duty cleaners contain high concentrations of acid or caustics, which are considered hazardous to humans, surfaces and the environment. An acid replacement cleaner is one way to prevent chemical injury due to contact with acids and their fumes. Having an acid replacement cleaner can be just as effective as other products , while maintaining the proficiency that dissolves uratic salts, removes rust, and keeps areas sanitary.


One specific area which necessitates effective cleaning is bathrooms. Schools, public restrooms and particularly hospitals and senior care facilities require their restrooms be hygienic. However, after a regimen of inadequate cleaning procedures resulting in cross-contamination of surfaces and dirt, dust, mold etc. accumulating, a simple soap cleaner will not be adequate uphold the sanitary standard. - Rust may start building up on pipes, urinals may accumulate scum and minerals deposits, and ceramic tiles and grout surfaces may be discolored. Using a proven acid alternative cleaner such as the F-2002, from Chemex Industries, Inc. can bring about the desired result for said rust removal and ceramic tile cleaning. Since the F-2002 product has a reputation for being able to remove calcium, uratic salts, stains, and other buildup. Using it on urinals dissolves uratic salts and cleanses the toilet & urinal from accumulated deposits.


Other areas which may benefit from this safe acid replacement product are ceramic tiles. Tiles are often placed on bathroom floors, kitchen floors, and countertops. With tile surfaces, dirt and mildew can often be trapped in the grout lines. While this may not be noticeable early on, grime build up and mold odors can develop within a few months. A cleaning/degreasing solution will not be sufficient for this task. Another concern is acidic cleaners that discolor or deteriorate surfaces. Using our safe acid replacement cleaner, F-2002 will resolve that issue.


uratic salts remover, cleans tile andf grout
F-2002 is a concentrate acid replacement cleaner, meaning it safely and effectively replaces hydrochloric, hydrofluoric and phosphoric acids, found in typical bowl cleaners and descalers. Containing the mildness of dish soap, F-2002 is non-toxic and non-corrosive, while having the durability and effectiveness of other heavy-duty cleaners. Instead of giving off fumes or strong odors, F-2002 has no odor. When the viscous liquid from this cleaner is used, it clings to both vertical and horizontal surfaces. This quality allows it to quickly clean, remove rust and penetrate effectively into grout lines. When using F-2002 as a urinal cleaner it will continue to dissolve uratic salts and corrosion, in your urinal drain lines, leaving behind odor-free and rust-free pipes.


This acid replacement product from Chemex is a 25% concentrate, which provides rapid effectiveness various in cleaning applications. While it may smell and appear to be mild, it possesses the aggressiveness and effectiveness of acidic cleaners. It is a safe and biodegradable product that may be used in rust removal, tile cleaning, and urinal cleansing. Any area that constantly receives hard water deposits can benefit from this acid replacement cleaner and the results it provides.

F-2002 is renown as the go to product, for uratic salts removal!




                             acid replacement cleaner, cleans grout, dissolves uratic salts, safe descaler

Topics: salt-free urinals, drain care, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, concentrate acid replacement cleaner

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