USR Effectively Dissolves Uratic Salts in Urinals

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 2, 2014 @ 09:07 AM

USR Uratic Salts Remover dissolves uratic salts 


When it comes time to clean urinals and maintain them, it is common to find that they drain slowly and give off unpleasant odors. Uratic salts are often the culprit.

Uratic salts are salts that come from the Uratic acid produced in urine. When it builds up in urinals and pipe walls, it can impede water flow and cause slow drainage. Because slow drainage can lead to unpleasant slime buildup, this also becomes a source of foul odor. Treating these odors with deodorizer is simply a mask and fails to address the root cause. Therefore, the stench always returns.



There is an answer for toilets and urinals with uratic salt build up: USR dissolves uratic salts in urinals. USR stands for Uratic Salts Remover, and it does what the name indicates. This concentrated formula is highly effective and easy to use. Simply pour 3 to 4 ounces into the  urinal drain, on a regular basis, to open clogged drains and eliminate odors. Additionally, USR is safe on all plumbing, including all metal pipes, PVC and plastic. Make USR a part of regular scheduled maintenance to keep drains flowing properly and prevent odors.

Public restrooms in high traffic or industrial areas do not have to be a challenge to clean and maintain. USR is an effective, one stop uratic salt solution for custodial and facilities maintenance professionals. In addition to uratic salts, it also removes calcium, rust and lime deposits. USR is safe to use on porcelain. Including USR to your  restroom maintenance program, ensures proper water flow and odor control, making the restroom experience more functional and pleasant for users and easier to service.



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