Restaurant Urinal Problems: Keep Your Restrooms Safe and Sanitary

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Apr 20, 2016 @ 11:04 AM

uratic salts remover, maintain free flowing urinalsNo matter what line of work you’re in, what type of market you serve, or where you’re located, one thing that every customer, client, guest and employee is going to experience is your restrooms.  The cleanliness, operation and appearance of your business’ restrooms can have quite an impact on your customers’ experience.  A survey done by Opinion Research Corp. showed that 69% of customers would not patronize a restaurant with unclean restrooms.  Also, 39% of customers claimed to have immediately left a restaurant when the restroom smelled like urine. 

Urinals may seem like a simple amenity, but if not properly maintained and cleaned, they can create a number of problems that reach past your restroom doors.  In fact, 55% of customers said they would give a restaurant a negative review, both online and offline, based on restroom cleanliness.  Bradley Corp., a plumbing fixture company, conducted a similar survey and received the same results.  80% of customers would avoid a restaurant with a dirty restroom, with the top complaint being urine odor. 

So with odor control and cleanliness being such an important factor for your customers (and understandably so), how do you not only control restroom odors, but eliminate them to create a clean, safe, and welcoming environment?  You have to eliminate it at the source, uratic salts.

What are uratic salts?  Uratic salts are a hard, crystalline substance that build up in urinal pipes, creating a foul odor and other problems, including drain line blockages.  One key problem with uratic salts and urine odors is that they cannot be covered up, they can only be removed. 

How do you remove uratic salts?  The most effective and safest solution is a product called U.S.R.  U.S.R stands for uratic salts remover.  This solution is specifically designed for one problem and that is urinal pipe build up.  U.S.R. safely and easily removes the accumulation of uratic salts and eliminates the source of the odor while cleaning the fixture. (Check out the U.S.R. technical sheet)

You can observe U.S.R.’s effectiveness by placing an entire egg in glass filled with U.S.R. and water.  The eggshell simulates the calcium and mineral deposits that are found in urinals.  The shell will rapidly dissolve, while leaving the membrane of the egg intact, displaying its simultaneous power and safety.

So if your bar, restaurant, or any other property with urinals is having odor problems, it’s likely due to a build-up of uratic salts.  With U.S.R. you can keep your bathrooms clean and your customers happy and returning. 

U.S.R. is a product of Chemex Industries.  For over 40 years Chemex Industries has been providing effective and environmentally safe cleaning and maintenance solutions for a wide range of applications and industries.

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