F-2002 Removes Hard Water Scale, Uratic Salts & Cleans Grout

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jun 27, 2014 @ 15:06 PM



uratic salts remover, dissolves uric salts

Hard water scale and encrusted build up on surfaces cause unsanitary issues and other safety concerns. For this very reason, it is important to use a product that removes hard water scale, cleans grout, soap scum, mold & mildew, while being both reliable and safe. While many businesses may use acidic cleaners, a mild yet effective acid replacement cleaner will be just as productive. F-2002, an acid replacement cleaner, cleans and descales urinals, as well as removing encrusted buildup, is an ideal and optimum product for industries looking for safer alternatives.

Hard water scaling is developed over time. For example, areas where there is continuous water flow (tiles, grouting, drains, etc.) may see some buildup in between tiles, drains, and surfaces. This is because water contains minerals, such as calcium, that will precipitate out of the water and slowly collect around surfaces. When water temperature is high (such as in  boilers), there will be a greater amount of minerals precipitating and forming on surfaces. Hard water scale can later prove to be a problem. A product that cleans and descales boilers can help prevent hard water scaling from building up and getting out of hand.

In restrooms and bathrooms, grout may develop on tiles due to hard water. When quarry and ceramic tiles are not regularly cleaned, buildup from dirt, grease, and soap can slowly ruin the tiles. Using a reliable product that cleans grout and tiles and removes hard water scale will be beneficial in the long-run. Neglected and dirty tiles will become weaker and more porous in time, making dirt trapped in the surface nearly impossible to remove. This buildup on the grout  or tiles, can leave stains that destroy the aesthetically pleasant and crisp look of a room. Use a cleaning product such as F-2002, that can help fight grease and grout and remove any unwanted mineral hardening on surfaces.

Since kitchens and food preparation rooms have constant contact with water, rust and grout may be present on preparation surfaces and sinks. The moisture, chemicals, and heat in a kitchen can quicken the rate of rust and grout forming. In addition to this, the grease and blood from food can react with surfaces and breed germs. It is vital for kitchen and food preparation surfaces to be cleaned daily if not more frequently. Using a product that cleans grout and removes hard water scale from surfaces, will help keep prevent the growth and transmission of bacteria.

In areas where hard water scale or grout is dominant, chemical cleaners are used in order to remove unwanted buildup. However, acid cleaners can be dangerous to a person’s health. If they are used on a surfaces that are in contact with food, food contamination might occur, which can cause harm to the general public (consumers).

A better solution would be to use an acid replacement cleaner, such as F-2002, to help clean tiles and boilers. F-2002  removes hard water scale, cleans grout, and cleans and descales boilers. As a dependable cleaning product, F-2002 can help industries in keeping their areas not just clean, but also safe.


F-2002 is used as an Uratic Salts Remover, for free flowing urinals.


Please call us with your questions regarding scale build up and uratic salts removal. Ask for Barry.


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