A Non Corrosive Acid Replacement Cleaner To Safeguard Your Lungs

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Most workers who handle chemical cleaners, especially acid cleaners, know it's not a good idea to inhale the fumes, and some have suffered burns or irritations when these agents have come in contact with their skin. Although the link between acid cleaners and health problems might be obvious, many people aren't aware that scientific research has documented this link for some time.

Studies in recent years -- particularly the report from the "Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology in 2010*" -- have proved that employees who work with or near acid cleaners have developed asthmatic symptoms where none existed previously. Custodians in institutions are particularly at risk because of the frequency and quantity of exposure.

Researchers have known about these problems for much longer, however. In 2003, professor Kenneth D. Rosenman from Michigan State University established that 12 percent of asthmatic conditions documents in cases involving four states were all connected to chemical cleaners. A full four-fifth of these workers had not experienced asthmatic symptoms before.

F-2002, our acid replacement cleaner, safely opens clogged urinals without using harsh chemicals that hurt the health of the worker or damage the environment. F-2002 has the same strength of acid cleaners to remove uratic salts -- and the strong odors and slime build-up associated with clogged urinals -- but with the mildness of liquid dish soap, and without any of the chemicals that have been shown to aggravate asthmatic conditions.

A non corrosive acid replacement cleaner.

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*Zock JP, Vizcaya D, Le Moual N. 2010. Update on asthma and cleaners. Current Opinion in Allergy and Clinical Immunology 10(2): 114-120.


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