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Why is it so difficult to kill bedbugs?

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, May 13, 2016 @ 16:05 PM

A study conducted by entomologists at Ohio State University found bed bugs are becoming resistant to the specific pesticides formulated to eliminate them. They found bed bugs may have boosted their natural defenses by generating higher levels of enzymes that can cleanse themselves of common Pyrethroid based pesticides. 

This is not the first study to conclude bed bugs are increasing their resistance to pesticides and neurotransmitter chemicals. Numerous other studies have come to the same conclusion.
With these developments in mind, it is important to understand the difference between neurotransmitter chemicals and mechanical killing agents when it comes to combatting bed bugs.

Most common pesticides rely on using neurotransmitter chemicals such as pyrethrin and pyrethroids to kill bed bugs. They work by attacking the bug’s nervous system via entry through the shell. Studies have discovered bed bugs have evolved three improved biochemical defenses against these common pesticide ingredients, thus blocking the pesticide from entering their bodies and attacking their nervous systems.

Products considered Mechanical Killing Agents have proven to circumvent this pesticide resistance.

Unlike pesticides that rely on full penetration of the shell to access the bug’s nervous system, a Mechanical Killing Agent works by breaking down the outer waxy layer. This causes a fatal rupture of the exoskeleton and leads to death by dehydration.

residual kill is important with bed bugs, safely solve your bed bug problem

 4650 LIGHTS OUT Bed Bug Killer is a Mechanical Killing Agent with
third party certification, assuring its effectiveness on bed bugs.
Additionally, it provides residual kill for up to 30 days.

Residual kill is particularly important with bed bugs, as females lay five
eggs a day throughout their adult lives, which can be between 6 and
12 months. Furthermore, it is estimated that 60% of bed bugs are not
seen during inspection and initial spraying, as they hide in crevices,
cracks and dark spaces.

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