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Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 11, 2022 @ 12:07 PM



 With the number of infections increasing due to highly transmissible pathogens, it is vital to safeguard our occupied spaces, from airborne contamination.

According to the Center for Disease Control large droplets (100 micrometers [µm] and larger) will settle to surrounding surfaces within seconds, while smaller particles can stay suspended in the air for much longer. It can take several minutes for particles 10 µm in size to settle, while particles 5 µm and smaller may not settle for hours or even days. https://search.cdc.gov/search/?query=occupied%20spaces&dpage=1

 The CDC states that ultraviolet irradiation of air is an effective means of "reducing the transmission of airborne bacterial and viral infections in hospitals." - The FDA has approved a hydroxyl generating product for use in medical facilities, demonstrating the reduction of airborne microorganisms during continual use.

The Refresh For Use in Larger Spaces:


For Use in Occupied Spaces, such as meeting rooms, classrooms, lobbies, offices, medical facilities, and much more...

Refresh uses layers of photocatalytic oxidation, HEPA Filters, and electrostatic fields to generate hydroxyls & inactivate pathogens continuously in occupied spaces.



  The Refresh


Our systems filter harmful particles while simultaneously scrubbing the air of pathogens using our proprietary technology. We do more for the planet by reducing waste with our washable filtration systems.


In The ClearZone's professional-grade advanced air purifier, the Refresh is rated for spaces up to 850 sq ft making it the perfect solution for open offices, lobbies, halls, and more.

The Refresh uses HydroClear Technology to create hydroxyls that collide with contaminants in the air, destroying their molecular wall and turning them into harmless elements.  This happens through the combination of unique filters and UV light.

The Refresh is designed to sit discreetly on the floor in any space. The Refresh has many operational speeds that are easily accessible by the control panel on top of the machine.

The product has two replacement parts: filters which require replacement once a year and a small UV light which requires replacement every two years. All replacement parts can be ordered through Chemex Industries, Inc.


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