BromMax® 7.1 is The Solution for Algae & Bacterial Slime in Cooling

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BromMax® 7.1 is a product specially designed for controlling algae and bacterial slime in condensing and cooling equipment that uses recirculating water as a cooling media in ponds or reservoirs. Since its registration with the EPA as biocide (#63838-5), it has become a preferred option for many building maintenance managers and medical professionals. This article aims to explore how BromMax® 7.1 can be an effective solution for algae and bacterial slime.

BromMax® 7.1 is a liquid biocide that contains bromine as an active ingredient. It is used to control microbial growth in cooling towers, evaporative condensers, and other equipment that uses water as a cooling media. It is formulated using advanced chemistry and proprietary ingredients that provide stability and effectiveness. It is registered with the EPA and meets the highest quality standards.

BromMax® 7.1 works by disrupting the cellular membranes of microorganisms and preventing their growth. It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and algae, making it a versatile option for cleaning cooling equipment. It is easy to use and can be applied directly to the water, eliminating the need for scrubbing and flushing.

Using BromMax® 7.1 can offer numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

Effective control of microbial growth: BromMax® 7.1 is an effective agent against algae and bacterial slime, which can clog equipment and lead to decreased efficiency and higher energy costs.

Easy to use: It can be added in small doses on an ongoing basis or in larger quantities during cleaning and maintenance cycles.

Minimizes equipment downtime: Cleaning and maintenance of cooling towers and other equipment can be time-consuming, and BromMax® 7.1 can significantly reduce the number of shutdowns required.

Safe and compliant: BromMax® 7.1 is registered with the EPA and meets all regulatory requirements for safety and environmental compliance.

The use of BromMax® 7.1 is simple and straightforward, and it requires minimal training. It is supplied in a concentrated liquid form, which can be added directly to the water. The amount of BromMax® 7.1 required will depend on the level of microbial contamination, and it is important to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to ensure the correct dosage.

BromMax® 7.1 is an effective solution for controlling algae and bacterial slime in cooling equipment that uses recirculating water as a cooling media. It is a safe, easy-to-use, and compliant solution that can significantly improve the efficiency of cooling equipment while reducing maintenance costs. Building maintenance managers, as well as medical professionals, can make use of this innovative solution to maintain their equipment and keep it running smoothly.


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