"F-2002" a Safe Descaler, is an Acid Replacement Cleaner

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sun, Apr 29, 2012 @ 12:04 PM


F-2002 uratic salts remover dissolves uric salts


Calls and requests for the use of a urinal descaler, for the removal of uric salts, has increased dramatically. The advent of the waterless urinal is certainly one of the culprits. Housekeepers and building engineers can not tolerate the disgusting odors and constant stoppages. Our F-2002, uratic salts remover has proven to be a solution to maintain, free flowing urinal lines.


Additionally, F-2002, an acid replacement cleaner, can be used safely on a daily basis to clean  urinals, remove odors and open drain lines. That's right, after swabbing the urinal in the typical fashion, the solution that travels down the drain line will in fact descale and remove uratic salts. F-2002 can also clean toilets, sinks and has proven to be outstanding as a tile and grout cleaner.


Waterless urinal users use F-2002 to clean and descale their urinals, when changing out the cartridge.

No need for dangerous acids that will harm plumbing and stain chrome fixtures, when F-2002 will perform as an Eco Friendly Cleaning Agent, that truly works as well as an acid.


F-2002 is a 25% concentrate, so a little goes a long way. Also very effective as a cleaner for ceramic tile floors. Just mop on, agitate around grout lines and rinse off.

Acid Replacement Cleaner, non-corrosive, no odor, as gentle as dish detergent.


Please call us with your technical questions regarding the safe use of uratic salts removers. Ask for Barry

                              f-2002 uratic salts remover, dissolves uric salts


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