USR to the Rescue - Uratic Salts Remover Removes Encrustations

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Apr 27, 2021 @ 16:04 PM

Barry Greenberg





Open the restroom door with caution. The stench emitting from the urinals may be as offensive as getting hit with a hockey puck. It's caused by the buildup of uratic salts or uric salts, formed in the plumbing lines. Building engineers often remove the urinals and then grind the crust and corrosion, in order to allow proper drainage. It's not pleasant work. Uric acid s the final oxidation (breakdown) product of purine metabolism and is excreted in urine.



In the human body, high values of uric/uratic salts are produced and then excreted  via the kidneys. When this process is impaired renal challenges occur. So the ability to urinate is a good thing, unless you're the person responsible for urinal backups and the offensive odors.



Urinal out of order


We often see plastic liners or caution tape, covering urinals in restrooms, because they are out of order. No one is pleased when this occurs. Office buildings welcoming their tenants back to work and food establishments are required to provide the highest standard of hygiene.
No problem: There is a solution... 
Chemex Industries has resolved this challenge for hundred of customers, including: shopping malls, school districts, prisons, hospitals, municipalities, food service, etc. The answer is USR - Uratic Salts Remover, our fast acting liquid that opens blocked urinals. 6-8 ounces is required on a monthly basis to maintain urinal drain lines.
That's it! 


USR Uratic Salts remover is safe on all plumbing, including all metal pipes, PVC and plastic. Removing the gross buildup of these salts will immediately remove the foul odors associated.
We have many biological products in our product line and can attest that none will have the ability to clash with uratic salts. It takes a special product, such as USR. 
                                         usr uric salts remover uratic salts remover
  • Eliminates uratic salts, the source of foul odors
  • Removes crystallization & encrustations of uric salts in plumbing lines
  • Fast Acting
  • Safe to use on all plumbing
  • Removes scale and mineral deposits

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