ANSI ASHRAE Standard 188 Legionella Testing

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Apr 13, 2016 @ 15:04 PM

ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 188 will significantly increase the demand for Legionella testing of your HVAC systems.  That will lead to millions of Legionella tests conducted every year on your cooling towers etc.

 When you are ready to validate your water systems, you want to be assured that the Legionella results are accurate and are received timely and efficiently with comprehensive reporting. We can provide access to Legionella test services that are the most accurate, fastest and most comprehensive in the industry – allowing you to complete conservancy. 

In addition to safeguarding your HVAC system, do not forgo the protocol necessary for the maintenance of your condensate drain pans. 

We provide Pan-Gel Geltabs, a proven, result driven method of protection, for up to six months. Pan-Gel comes in 3 different sizes to complement your system.

PAN-GEL™ gel tabs, offer a unique approach to A/C drain pan treatment. As the moisture either drips on or flows over the PAN-GEL™ gel tab, it forms a gel, locking the gel tab into place. This locking action never allows the gel tab to move or block the drain line. PAN-GEL™ gel tab’s uniquely designed formula with AT-8 turns the gel tab into a very slow gel release, giving it a positive, long lasting and aggressive cleaning action. The gel tab will clean sludge and other accumulations in condensate drain pans and lines, eliminating plugged condensate drain lines and stale water odors.

                                                    Pan Gel Special Offer


If you require a condensate drain pan that’s registered with EPA, we offer Pan Bar Gold. These strips are designed for systems from ½ ton to 50 tons. 

Pan-Bar Gold strips are water activated and a time released design. This product fulfills the need of providing a foolproof automatic feed system for up to six months. This product is specifically designed to treat the standing water for the period of time between service and maintenance visits (max 6 months). The actives (50% of product by weight) include: an EPA registered biocide, corrosion inhibitor, surfactants, and odor counteractants. The product releases only in the presence of water and only metered amounts of actives. The unique entrapment system does not shrink or melt and stays where placed in the pan. One of the desirable characteristics of this product is the initial shock dose, which occurs during the first 48 hours. Then the product settles down and controls "trickles" for the remainder of product life.


Whether you require Legionella testing, biocides or condensate drain pan treatment, you can count on Chemex Industries Inc. to provide your solution.

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