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Common HVAC Problems: Keep Condensate Flowing

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jun 17, 2016 @ 11:06 AM

condensate drainpan treatment pangelgeltabsWe’ve all seen the late night infomercials that offer a single device with a million applications to solve the most common, inconvenient problems in life.  Whether it’s a utensil that slices, dices, stirs, and fries; or a handy tool to fix everything from your car to your washing machine, rarely do these offers live up to the hype.  HVAC problems can be very similar.  You can experience a number of different issues from one single mishap.  Fortunately, unlike the “as seen on TV” merchandise, there is a proven solution, that can resolve and prevent many of these problems.

First let’s take a look some of the signs of a common HVAC problem.

  • Leaking water from a HVAC unit
  • Condensate drain pan overflow 
    • Wet carpet
    • Water damage on walls
    • Water damage on ceilings
  • System shutdown
  • Build-up of dangerous mold and bacteria

These symptoms can all stem from one issue.  However, it is important to know that while this problem can have a simple solution, the damage that it causes can be much more complex.  Replacing carpet, flooring, sheetrock, electronics, removing mold and mildew, and potential slip and fall hazards are only a few of the possible collateral hazards.  So what is the problem that could create all of this damage? The answer is condensate drain pan blockages and overflow.


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Condensate Drain, Trap, and Line Clogs

As the air conditioner runs, condensation occurs around the coil.  It collects in a pan under the unit, and then drains.  If the coil is dirty, the condensate will become dirty and that will also collect in the pan and drain line.  Any other debris or soil that can fall into the pan will also create potential clogs.  So short of constantly cleaning the coils and drain pan, what options are there to keep the pan and drain lines clear?  The simple answer is Pan-Gel.

Pan-Gel Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

Pan-Gel is a gel tablet that sits in the condensate pan of your air conditioner.  As the condensate drips and runs over the tab, it creates a gel that locks it into place, preventing blockages.  As the condensate continues to flow, a slow release gel provides a long lasting, positive, aggressive cleaning action.  Sludge, dirt, and other debris are broken down and drained away, preventing clogs and overflows. 

With Pan-Gel gel tabs, the possibility of an overflowing condensate drain pan, unit damage, property damage, harmful bacteria and mold, goes away. 

With the warm summer months arriving and air conditioners running around the clock, now is the time to ensure that your HVAC units are up to the task.  Keeping the condensate drain pan clean and clear is an important maintenance step.  Chemex Industries offers a variety of eco-friendly specialty cleaning and maintenance products that will keep your A/C cool and running all year.


Pan-Gel Technical Data Report


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ANSI ASHRAE Standard 188 Legionella Testing

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Apr 13, 2016 @ 18:04 PM

ANSI / ASHRAE Standard 188 will significantly increase the demand for Legionella testing of your HVAC systems.  That will lead to millions of Legionella tests conducted every year on your cooling towers etc.

 When you are ready to validate your water systems, you want to be assured that the Legionella results are accurate and are received timely and efficiently with comprehensive reporting. We can provide access to Legionella test services that are the most accurate, fastest and most comprehensive in the industry – allowing you to complete conservancy. 

In addition to safeguarding your HVAC system, do not forgo the protocol necessary for the maintenance of your condensate drain pans. 

We provide Pan-Gel Geltabs, a proven, result driven method of protection, for up to six months. Pan-Gel comes in 3 different sizes to complement your system.

PAN-GEL™ gel tabs, offer a unique approach to A/C drain pan treatment. As the moisture either drips on or flows over the PAN-GEL™ gel tab, it forms a gel, locking the gel tab into place. This locking action never allows the gel tab to move or block the drain line. PAN-GEL™ gel tab’s uniquely designed formula with AT-8 turns the gel tab into a very slow gel release, giving it a positive, long lasting and aggressive cleaning action. The gel tab will clean sludge and other accumulations in condensate drain pans and lines, eliminating plugged condensate drain lines and stale water odors.

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If you require a condensate drain pan that’s registered with EPA, we offer Pan Bar Gold. These strips are designed for systems from ½ ton to 50 tons. 

Pan-Bar Gold strips are water activated and a time released design. This product fulfills the need of providing a foolproof automatic feed system for up to six months. This product is specifically designed to treat the standing water for the period of time between service and maintenance visits (max 6 months). The actives (50% of product by weight) include: an EPA registered biocide, corrosion inhibitor, surfactants, and odor counteractants. The product releases only in the presence of water and only metered amounts of actives. The unique entrapment system does not shrink or melt and stays where placed in the pan. One of the desirable characteristics of this product is the initial shock dose, which occurs during the first 48 hours. Then the product settles down and controls "trickles" for the remainder of product life.


Whether you require Legionella testing, biocides or condensate drain pan treatment, you can count on Chemex Industries Inc. to provide your solution.

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HVAC Maintenance Tips: 4 Problems, 4 Solutions

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Apr 7, 2016 @ 15:04 PM

industrial hvac problemsAs we transition from winter into spring, with the summer season season a blink away, the pressure of maintaining your HVAC system in optimum condition, is typically is the responsibility of the plant maintenance department. Depending on where you are located and the climate, your cooling system may never rest, or it may just be coming out of hibernation. Either way, there could be severe concerns, if you aren’t focused on keeping your system(s) maintained and clean.  The certainty is that it is much easier and inexpensive to keep your HVAC clean and functioning, than it is to repair and deal with the collateral damage, associated with the related problems.

Air conditioning problems can stem from a number of causes, but the ripple effect of a down or damaged system can have much farther reaching consequences.  Loss of inventory, temporary closures and major health hazards are only a few of the complications that can occur from HVAC issues.  Luckily there are products and practices available that will keep your A/C (and your business) running smoothly.

Some common issues that may arise after an off-season or during the busy summer months are:

Any of these problems can create other issues.  Clogged drain lines and condensate pan accumulations can lead to water damage and associated health hazards.  Dirty coils and corrosion can increase energy costs and add stress to the system.  Leaks can cause other property damage as well as damage to the unit itself.  The good news is that there are preventative measures and remedies for each of these major problems.

Pan-Gel Gel Tabs with AT-8

Pan-Gel is a condensate drain pan treatment.  These gel tabs are placed in the drain pan, and as moisture flows over the tab, a gel is formed locking the tab in place.  This unique reaction prevents the tab from creating an obstruction near the drain line.  The distinct gel formula with AT-8, allows the gel on the tab to be slowly released, allowing for a long-lasting, aggressive cleaning action.  Any sludge, build-up or accumulation of dirt, soil or debris will be eliminated.  Pan-Gel will prevent water damage from occurring due to an overflowing condensate pan.  It will also help prevent stale water odors, the growth of pathogenic organisms, breathing problems and slip and fall hazards.

F-2002 Acid Replacement Cleaner

F-2002 is a powerful and safe multi-functional cleaner/descaler.  It combines the high performance of an acid-based cleaner with the mildness of liquid dish soap.  This solution will not compromise on cleaning ability and will leave users, surfaces and equipment safe from harmful acids.  F-2002 can clean clogged condensate drain lines of heavy deposits and soil, preventing backup and water damage.  Lime, calcium, hard water scale, mold, and mildew are quickly and safely removed from the inside of the lines, returning your A/C unit back to optimum condition.

Miracoil 2

Miracoil 2 is a non-acid A/C – HVAC cleaner.  It is not uncommon for corrosion to build up on the surface of A/C coils.  These accumulations can dramatically lower the efficiency of the machine and increase the operation costs as well as the deterioration of your system.  Miracoil 2 deoxidizes the corrosion while removing dirt and sooty soil.  Simply spray this application on and the corrosion will disappear.  Its deep cleaning action creates foam to penetrate deeply in to the coil causing other soil and debris to float out without the potential for damage of fins from scrubbing or pressure washing.  Better yet, Miracoil 2 is a non-solvent cleaner, so it is safe on all of your roofing materials as well.  Using this product can extend the life of the unit and lower energy costs all with an environmentally safe and low labor formula.

HVAC Leak Detector – Low Temp Bubbles

One problem that can be major trouble for your unit and your facility is an A/C leak.  Being able to diagnose and confirm this problem is the first step in repairing it.  If you have to continuously add fluid to your system, you likely have a leak.  If that is the case, identifying where the leak exists is vital.  Low Temp Bubbles is an HVAC leak detector. It is specially formulated to detect leaks below 32 degrees Fahrenheit (it also works above freezing as well).  This product contains special fluorescent dyes for increased visibility and is safe for most refrigerant and natural gas systems.  It works well on both small and large leaks.  Simply wipe the surface you are testing before applying, then daub or spray the bubbles on and around that location.  Bubbles will quickly form if a leak exists. 

While HVAC systems are complex machines, there are simple and safe maintenance steps and products available that can keep your unit running efficiently for years.  The problems listed above are only a handful of the issues to be mindful of, but it is important to remember that discovering one of these too late can mean much more than an expensive A/C bill. 

For environmentally friendly and effective cleaning and maintenance solutions, Chemex Industries has products that meet the needs for a wide range of industries and businesses.

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Air Conditioner Repair: Safe and Effective Drainage Pan Treatment

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Feb 5, 2016 @ 12:02 PM

Air Conditioner Repair: Safe and Effective Drainage Pan TreatmentThere are few things more refreshing than stepping into a building to escape the sweltering heat.  However as effective and efficient as HVAC technology has become, the laws of physics can still take their toll on a system.  One of the most common problems that plague air conditioners stems from the drainage pan, or drain trap.  While a drainage pan problem can create bigger issues for your air conditioner and cause other physical damage to your infrastructure, it can also cause a significant health hazard.

Air Conditioner Drainage Pan Basics

Drainage, or drip, pans are in place to collect the condensate that is created by the evaporator coil of an air conditioner.  As this condensate fills the pan it is routed to a drain line and taken away.  Based on the environment and operation of an air conditioner, the drainage pan and drain line are inherently problematic.  It is very common for dirt, dust, mildew, mold, soil particles, bacteria and other debris to be found in the drainage pan.  As the condensate begins to fill the pan and drain away, it serves as a vehicle for all of these elements to enter the drain line and clog it.  Couple this propensity to clog with the typically dark, humid and poorly ventilated locations of central A/C units and the conditions are ideal for the growth of mold, fungus, algae and harmful bacteria.

Problems Caused by Air Conditioner Drain Line Clogs

A constantly clogged drain line can cause the drainage pan to overflow with condensate, and any debris it may be carrying.  This can cause a variety of additional problems in addition to damaging the unit.

  • Water Damage
    • Stained Carpets
    • Water Marks
    • Sheetrock Damage    
  • Health Hazards
    • Pathogenic Organisms
    • Breathing Problems (i.e. Lung Infections)
    • Slipping Hazards

Safe and Effective Solutions to Air Conditioner Drainage Line Clogs

Now that the signs and damage caused by a simple clog have been identified, let’s identify a safe, effective, simple solution.  Pan-Gel geltabs with AT-8 serve not only as a remedy, but also as an automatic maintenance plan.  Pan-Gel’s unique approach to A/C drain pan treatment is due to its locking ability.  Where many devices will float inside of the pan, potentially ending up over the drain and creating a blockage, Pan-Gel adheres to the bottom of the drip pan and remains stationary.  As the condensate (moisture) either drips on, or flows over the Pan-Gel geltab, it forms a gel that locks the tab in place, preventing it from creating an obstruction. 

Once the tab is set, its unique formula consisting of AT-8 turns into a very slowly releasing gel.  This gel creates a positive, long lasting and aggressive cleaning action.  This gel tab cleans the accumulated sludge caused by: dirt, dust, soil particles, mold, algae and any other debris that was in the drain pan.  As this gel moves across the drain pan and through the lines it eliminates any blockages as well as stale water odors. 

Pan-Gel Gel Tab Features    

  • Gel Tabs Lock Into Place
  • No Noxious Fumes
  • No Chlorine
  • Works Immediately
  • Slow & Continuous Release
  • Prevents Expensive Repairs
  • Provides Up To Six Months Of Service
  • Prevents Disease & Odor Causing Bacteria
  • Controls Odors
  • Prevents Overflows
  • Non-Toxic
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Cost-Effective

Pan-Gel Gel Tabs Are Perfect For:

  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Supermarkets
  • Prisons
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Nursing Homes
  • Apartments
  • And More…

Reduce the stress on your maintenance resources and prevent expensive facility damage and costly health hazards by keep your A/C drainage pans clean and clear with Pan-Gel. 

Pan Gel Special Offer

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