PeraGuard (Dry PAA Floor and Equipment Sanitizer)

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PeraGuard Dry PAA Floor and Equipment Cleaner Sanitizer: The Future of Sanitization

Maintaining a clean and sanitary environment is paramount in the fast-paced world of healthcare and veterinary services. But with so many cleaning products on the market, it's hard to know which to trust for the best results. Say hello to PeraGuard Dry PAA Floor and Equipment Cleaner Sanitizer – the innovative and robust solution taking the industry by storm.

Unparalleled Sanitizing Power

PeraGuard® isn't your average liquid sanitizer. This granular peracetic acid-based sanitizer is EPA-registered and designed to pack a punch against pathogens such as Staphylococcus aureus, Listeria monocytogenes, E. coli O157:H7, and Salmonella. It's a battle-tested solution that ensures your floors and equipment aren’t just clean but clinically sanitized.

Here’s how it stands apart from the rest:

Granular Innovation

Gone are the days of handling slippery liquids. PeraGuard®'s granular form becomes activated only upon exposure to moisture, providing you with an easy-to-handle, odorless, and dust-free sanitizing agent. Thanks to its non-slip properties, it spreads effortlessly across surfaces without the concern of slips or falls.

Environmentally Conscious

Not only does PeraGuard® deliver exceptional sanitizing capabilities, but it’s also friendly to our planet. Its phosphate-free composition and 100% biodegradability mean you won’t have to compromise on sustainability in pursuit of a sterile environment.


The absence of quaternary ammonium compounds ensures no negative impact on sensitive wastewater or digestor systems. PeraGuard® seamlessly becomes part of your cleaning routine without risking damage to vital infrastructures.

Versatile Activation

PeraGuard® adapts to your environment. With moisture acting as the activator, this sanitizer can be used in various humidity levels—though additional moisture may be necessary in drier conditions. Plus, versatility is vital; PeraGuard® is just as effective in cold water as in temperatures up to 140°F.

Preventive Care

Preventing cross-contamination is as crucial as the sanitizing act itself. PeraGuard® is crafted to tackle pathogens on high-traffic surfaces such as floors, mats, and foot pans, ensuring that neither foot nor forklift becomes a vector for disease.

Going Beyond the Floors

The magic of PeraGuard® extends beyond floor sanitization. It's an excellent option for cleaning cooling towers and acts as an oxygen booster during alkaline CIP cleaning operations—maximum efficiency with minimal fuss.

Safety First

Safety is non-negotiable for healthcare workers and those managing veterinary clinics or kennels. PeraGuard® grants peace of mind, ensuring a cleanness that traditionally only comes with rigorous, labor-intensive processes.

Incorporating PeraGuard Dry PAA Floor and Equipment Cleaner Sanitizer into your sanitation protocols means joining the ranks of professionals who value efficacy, safety, and environmental responsibility. Switch to PeraGuard® and experience the future of sanitization today.

Harness the power of PeraGuard® and set a new standard for cleanliness and prevention in your facility. Because when it comes to health, safety, and cleanliness, good enough isn't enough - you need the best!



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