Common HVAC Problems: Keep Condensate Flowing

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Jun 17, 2016 @ 08:06 AM

condensate drainpan treatment pangelgeltabsWe’ve all seen the late night infomercials that offer a single device with a million applications to solve the most common, inconvenient problems in life.  Whether it’s a utensil that slices, dices, stirs, and fries; or a handy tool to fix everything from your car to your washing machine, rarely do these offers live up to the hype.  HVAC problems can be very similar.  You can experience a number of different issues from one single mishap.  Fortunately, unlike the “as seen on TV” merchandise, there is a proven solution, that can resolve and prevent many of these problems.

First let’s take a look some of the signs of a common HVAC problem.

  • Leaking water from a HVAC unit
  • Condensate drain pan overflow 
    • Wet carpet
    • Water damage on walls
    • Water damage on ceilings
  • System shutdown
  • Build-up of dangerous mold and bacteria

These symptoms can all stem from one issue.  However, it is important to know that while this problem can have a simple solution, the damage that it causes can be much more complex.  Replacing carpet, flooring, sheetrock, electronics, removing mold and mildew, and potential slip and fall hazards are only a few of the possible collateral hazards.  So what is the problem that could create all of this damage? The answer is condensate drain pan blockages and overflow.


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Condensate Drain, Trap, and Line Clogs

As the air conditioner runs, condensation occurs around the coil.  It collects in a pan under the unit, and then drains.  If the coil is dirty, the condensate will become dirty and that will also collect in the pan and drain line.  Any other debris or soil that can fall into the pan will also create potential clogs.  So short of constantly cleaning the coils and drain pan, what options are there to keep the pan and drain lines clear?  The simple answer is Pan-Gel.

Pan-Gel Condensate Drain Pan Treatment

Pan-Gel is a gel tablet that sits in the condensate pan of your air conditioner.  As the condensate drips and runs over the tab, it creates a gel that locks it into place, preventing blockages.  As the condensate continues to flow, a slow release gel provides a long lasting, positive, aggressive cleaning action.  Sludge, dirt, and other debris are broken down and drained away, preventing clogs and overflows. 

With Pan-Gel gel tabs, the possibility of an overflowing condensate drain pan, unit damage, property damage, harmful bacteria and mold, goes away. 

With the warm summer months arriving and air conditioners running around the clock, now is the time to ensure that your HVAC units are up to the task.  Keeping the condensate drain pan clean and clear is an important maintenance step.  Chemex Industries offers a variety of eco-friendly specialty cleaning and maintenance products that will keep your A/C cool and running all year.


Pan-Gel Technical Data Report


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