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Floor Drain Problems and Solutions: Prevent Floor Drain Odors and Drain Flies

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 09:02 AM

Prevent Floor Drain Odors and Drain Flies,backflows can occur and cause flood damageFloor drains facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your production and sanitation locations.  They also play a key role in keeping your work environment safe, especially if there is the potential for excess water or other fluids.  However, with the convenience of floor drains come inherent problems and harmful issues.  Not only can adverse conditions in your floor drains create an unsanitary environment, but they can also lead to both slip & fall accidents and expensive repairs and reconditioning. 

Common Floor Drain Problems

  • Sewer odors can rise from dried traps.
  • Backflows can occur and cause flood damage.
  • Floor drains provide a doorway for insects (drain flies, maggots, roaches, etc.)
  • Drain flies will breed creating additional insect issues within the drain.
  • Expensive repairs may be needed if the drain isn’t properly maintained.

Traditionally the remedy to these problems has come in the form of chemical-based solutions.  However not only is flushing the drain with chemicals harmful to the environment, it may not be effective. Clearing floor drains with these solutions is also labor intensive and repetitive. 

Ignoring the problem will not only lead to the common issues mentioned above, but replacing trap primers can be an expensive undertaking.  After parts and labor a retro fitted trap primer can cost over $1,000.  A new installation can cost over $500. And a water trap primer replacement can cost over $300. When you take this into account for all of your floor drains, the costs can really add up; and without improving your floor drain maintenance measures, you may be doomed to repeat this process.  So what is a better solution to prevent floor drain odors and drain flies?

The Green Drain Floor Drain Solution

The most effective way to prevent odors and stop drain flies in your floor drains is with the Green Drain, from Chemex.  Green Drain utilizes a one-way valve that was designed to eliminate floor drain odors with durable silicon skirts.  These silicon flaps also prevent backups, backflows and insects from entering through the drain.  Green Drain can be installed in the pipe or within the drain housing.  Green Drain is available in four sizes:  GD102: 2 inch, GD103: 3 inch, GD1035: 3.5 inch, GD104: 4 inch.

Green Drain Benefits

  • Green Drain’s one way valve creates a seal that stops floor drain issues.
  • Gases from drains are eliminated.
  • Strong silicon skirts can prevent flood damage.
  • Insects are blocked from entering through drains.
  • Provides an eco-friendly, sanitary and chemical free solution.
  • Lasts for several years and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Improves drainage quality.
  • One way check valve provides insurance froom backflow

When it comes to your facility’s floor drains, ignoring them is not an option.  Neither is settling for odors, insects and unsanitary conditions.  Now there is an alternative to harmful, ineffective chemicals that can stop odors, prevent flood damage and end drain flies and other insects from entering through your floor drains.  Chemex Industries provides environmentally safe and effective cleaning products and tools for a wide range of industries.  Green Drain is a proven and effective floor drain solution and is an example of the quality products that Chemex Industries has available.

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Eliminate Organic Matter with Natural Bio-Enzymatic Action

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sun, Nov 16, 2014 @ 17:11 PM

In nature, organic matter naturally decomposes via the actions of microorganisms. Living organisms feed upon organic matter and, in turn, use the nitrogen, phosphorous and other nutrients from the organic material to live. The end result is a natural compost and decomposed organic material. Without these microscopic bacteria and other organisms, the world would be a much dirtier place. Common decomposers in nature include beetles, centipedes, millipedes, flies and other anthropods, that engage in eating organic matter and breaking it down for the bacteria and other microorganisms. This is great in the natural world, but sometimes you need something a little quicker than nature. We provide products that produce natural bio-enzymatic action, to quickly eliminate grease, fats and organic waste in grease traps, drains and drain lines.

Bio-enzymatic action offers an extensive list of benefits to the user and environment. It quickens the natural process by adding inn, additional microorganisms, essentially reducing the number of steps nature takes. In many cases, it replaces the need for hazardous and harmful chemicals (no more caustics or chlorinated solvents), along with eliminating the filthy and laborious task of hand cleaning.

These natural, bio-enzymatic products contain billions of specialty bred microorganisms which attack organic waste. Upon contact, these microorganisms release natural enzymes that liquify and digest organic matter. This will reduce odor and the buildup of slime, sludge, grease and other matter that accumulate in drains, traps and other lines.

Our product, "Digest Plus", is such a product.

Because of the natural enzymes and the way these products work, it's often important to allow the bio mass to grow; this allows the microorganism colony to build up within the problem area to effectively combat subsequent buildup of organic matter.

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Topics: Digest Plus, Enzyme Producing Bacteria, Digests grease, drain care, eliminate uric acid salts, eliminate drain odors, control drain flies

Clear clogged drains - An All-Natural Drain Cleaner!

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Sep 4, 2014 @ 17:09 PM


Clearing a clogged drain can be dificult and very gross. If you don't want to manually clear the blockage, you probably end up using dangerous chemicals that may clear the clog. These chemicals require wearing PPE, including goggles, gloves and apron. Afterward, you probably took very special precautions to store it in a safe location.

Would You Like a Safe, non-hands on, method to clear drains and grease traps?

Chemex Industris, Inc. can offer you a safe and environmentally-friendly product that is even more effective than traditional drain decloggers. You won't have to physically remove the clog with your hands or use any caustic chemicals! Best of all, Chemex 33 Grease Trap Treatment can be used in food service, industry, schools & institutions.– and it's safe for everyone!

What makes "Chemex 33" so strong yet safe, are its potent seven strains of microorganisms. These microorganisms have been specifically engineered to liquefy organic matter including fats and grease, whilst being completely safe at the same time! These concentrated seven living aerobic and anaerobic bacteria produce powerful enzymes that break down almost all organic matter. "Chemex 33" is also completely biodegradable!

Chemex 33 eliminates foul odors. It can be easily applied, (simply pour into drain line or use our automatic feeder!).  Chmex 33 keeps on working – it deposits microorganisms which contine to re-produce, to prevent mal-odor and organic-buildups.


                                                            chemex 33 grease trap cleaner

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     all natural drain cleaner, microbial greast trap treatment       Chemex Industries, Inc.

Topics: natural drain cleaner, opens clogged drains, grease interceptors, grease traps, rx-33, Digests grease, drain care

Digest Plus Enzyme Producing Bacteria: Safe to Use

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Aug 5, 2014 @ 17:08 PM

Digest Plus Enzyme Producing Bacteria - Works on Surfaces & Sub Surfaces

Contains over 200 billion enzyme producing bacterial per gallon.
Proven to eliminate lasting odors on contact.

"Digest Plus" Enzyme Producing Bacteria harnesses the power of safe, natural bacteria to remove/digest the odors associated with organic-based materials. It contains no heavy chemical scents, that just cover odors. The odor disappears, when the organic matter is dissolved/digested by the bacterial enzymes.

The bacteria in Digest Plus are in spore form; a dormant state inside the container. This allows for Digest Plus's very long shelf-life. Once they are released and come into contact with the organic matter, the bacteria come out of dormancy and go to work. Organic-based food & stains are food to these bacteria, allowing them to grow and multiply. They release specific enzymes that break down organic matter so that they can make use of the nutrients trapped inside. Food mass and stains are dissolved by these enzymes; then the bacteria digest the liquified organic matter, leaving behind nothing but carbon dioxide, water. Once the food mass or stain is gone, the odor is gone for good.

Because Digest Plus contains no chemicals, it is safe to use on surfaces that will not be damaged by water. There is no residue left behind; only carbon dioxide, water and enzymes that will wash away. The active bacteria will digest and remove odors caused by body fluids, food and drink and other organic materials. Use it in restrooms, in and around urinals and toilets to get rid of stubborn stains and persistent odors. It is safe to use in drains and traps; it's digestive action helps keep drains free-flowing, including grease traps. It can be used safely on carpets and fabrics. It's natural enzymatic action makes it safe for use in kennels to remove stubborn odors, especially concrete. Use it virtually anyplace where organic materials leave stains and odors behind.

Digest Plus is safe for humans. These are strains of bacteria present in nature and do not pose a danger to humans. The bacterial strains used are also safe for the environment; as a matter of fact, they are good for the environment. Once released back into nature they continue to release their enzymes, digest organic matter, and multiply.

Chemex supplies environmentally safe products to industry, health facilities, government agencies, food service, schools and organizations. Contact us for all of your maintenance needs.


        See Technical Data Here            See Label Copy Here

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Green Drain Will Solve Drain Fly Issues & Control Floor Drain Odors

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Aug 1, 2014 @ 16:08 PM

Get Rid of Drain Flies and Control Drain Flies

While they may be simple devices, seldom noticed by the public, floor drains are an important aspect to the plumbing system. Industrial buildings, commercial institutions & food service represent just some of these installations with drain fly problems. These floor drains are typically the culprits behind foul odors and insect infestations: Green Drain will solve drain fly issues and floor drain odors. 

The floor drains have a trap that fills with water to prevent foul odors -- methane and other sewer gases -- from pouring out of the drain. Dry traps are often the cause of foul odors in these spaces, as is the build up of slime/bacteria/debris and other sewage contaminents.

Drain flies (Psychodidae family) are small, light-gray to tan flies that feed on organic matter and sewage. They're not exclusive to industrial or commercial spaces; drain flies (sometimes called moth flies or sewer flies) are also found in homes. These small flies lay eggs in decomposing material (i.e. sewage in or under floor drains); an entire generational cycle can complete in less than one week under favorable conditions. Once mature, the flies often come up through the floor drain and infest the area. Potentially pestilent, some of these flies are not dangerous, nor do they transmit diseases. These insects can however, cause problems for people with beathing difficulty, e.g. asthmatics. If your business is related to food service, you must be aware of the deadly distress of Lysteria (Listeria monocytogenes).  One of the most common harborage sites for Listeria is the floor drain. Listeria monocytogenes is the most well-known Listeriagenus and the greatest concern for food safety, because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Green Drain, is the chemical-free solution to flooding and other floor drain maintenance problems. This product has several features to eliminate foul odors, insect infestations, and the need to constantly pour harsh chemicals down your drain. Green Drain's design includes a one-way valve to eliminate the possibility of gases venting upward into the space. It also effectively blocks insects from entering the drain, thus preventing the flies' life cycle from completing. The strong silicon skirt prevents flood damage, in the case of back-flow. 

This product is easy to install; install it in either the pipe or drain housing. Green Drain is available in five sizes: 1.7-inch diameter; 2-inch diameter; 3-inch diameter; 3.5-inch diameter; and 4-inch diameter.            chemex drain control

For more information about Green Drain / Best Pricing or other Chemex products, contact us.

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Topics: floor drain odors, green drain, drain fly control, how to control drain flies, drain care, eliminate drain odors, control drain flies, inhibit growth of bacteria

Green Drain Eliminates Odors, for any Floor Drain

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 30, 2014 @ 23:07 PM

Why Green Drain is the New Eco-Friendly Solution for any floor drain...

Trying to find the right solution or product to eliminate odors from dried drain traps, can make you feel lost at sea. At times, those horribly unpleasant odors can be overwhelming, and while standard practice calls for caustic or acidic drain cleaners, these products can damage the pipes, material of construction, as well as your lungs. Fortunately, there is a natural solution to this problem. Instead of reaching for that bottle of drain cleaner, Green Drain is the New Eco-Friendly Solution for any floor drain.

Green Drain only allows for a one-way flow of liquid, down the drain, so there are no back-ups. Green Drain also prevents hazardous sewer gases and harmful bacteria from leaking up through the drain. Not only does Green Drain's one-way valve and silicon skirts eliminate odors, it also prevents insects from entering through the drains. Additionally Green Drain can prevent flood damage, and it is completely chemical free. This means Green Drain is not only the safest solution to all your floor drain requirements, but is also safe for your environment.

The fumes from chemical drain cleaners can be toxic and harmful to caregivers, maintenance workers, and anyone else in the area. These chemicals, which can actually damage metal pipes, may even cause more work and expense for you in the long run.

Green Drains are better for the environment because you don't add dangerous chemicals, that can leak into soil and water. This chemical-free solution can go in any drain and is suitable for use in kitchens, basements, labs, restrooms, industrial drains, water heaters, laundry rooms, and even showers. 

In today's world, where awareness of the environment is essential, help create a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly floor drain, with the Green Drain and eliminate those unpleasant odors in your building naturally.

To talk more about this, or anything else, please Contact Us

             Available in Five Sizes: View Tech Sheet Here

      Chemex Green Drain    Chemex Industries, Inc.


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Green Drain Eliminates All Bugs, Including Drain Flies

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Jul 29, 2014 @ 15:07 PM

The Solution to Eliminate Odors & Pests From Floor Drains: How to Prevent Drain Flies

Installs Right into the pipe or into the drain housing. Simply push down into floor drain pipe for a quick & easy installation.

Once installed your done! No more maintenance necessary. The one way valve will eliminate pests and overflows from entering your facility. The Green Drain features strong silicon skirts to prevent flood damage and odors. No sewer gas, smells, floods or foul odors

Eliminates all bugs, including Drain flies.     Available in Five sizes: Chemex Green Drain1.7 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 3.5 Inch, 4 Inch

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                            Chemex Industries Inc.

Topics: how to prevent drain flies, liquidbreaker, floor drain odors, green drain, drain care, eliminate drain odors

Pan-Gel Condensate Pan Treatment For A/C and HVAC Systems

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 28, 2014 @ 15:07 PM

Eliminate plugged condensate drainlines

                                                                                   condensate pan Treatment

As the compressor in your A/C or HVAC system runs, it creates a heat exchange that allows the system to emit hot or cold air. As part of this heat exchange, the compressor pulls water from the room air as it operates. Most of the country has been noticing higher humidity levels, thus more stress on the A/C to dehumidify.  Most units use a drain pan and drain lines to funnel the condensation from this process, and to route it away from your system and its surroundings. Some systems utilize a pump to assist the drainage & more often it drains by gravity alone.

But over time, that pan and the drain lines can get clogged with algae, slime, debris, sediments, and various minerals.  Additioanlly, the pan itself deteriorates because of rust etc. and provides an uneven surface. This is an ideal spot for water stagnation. Chemex Industries Pan-Gel condensate pan treatment is a water-activated gel that both cleans and prevents your drain pan and lines from becoming obstructed.  As water from your A/C or HVAC system drips into the drain pan and lines, it mixes with the slow-release cleaner in the Pan-Gel treatment, removing debris and deposits and allowing the condensation to freely drain from your system, as intended.

Each pan gel treatment lasts approximately six months, and helps cut down on costly maintenance and repairs, that can become necessary when mineral build up, dust, or debris block your drain lines or build up in your drain pan. Because this process keeps your pan and lines clean, you don't have to worry about the drain pan overflowing and creating water damage in/under your system, or the safety hazard where excess leaking could cause a short. 

Other health & safety concerns are slipping/falling & the release of the potential for Legionella ( deadly bacterium) and a variety of other pathogenic organisms. The fungus Aspergillus & Mycobacterium tuberculosis can thrive in the environment that the drip pan provides.Typical A/C units used in hotels & some hospitals have air blowing through the coil and can cause the water in the pan to aerosollize (small particles) and become airborne.

Pan-Gel is NSF Registered.              Pan Gel Special Offer

For more information on Chemex Industries commercial cleaning and maintenance products, please 

contact us or browse our website.  We've been providing specialty chemicals, safety supplies, and equipment to businesses, schools, and government since 1973.

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                pan-gel condensate drain pan treatment             Environmentally safe solutions


 Pan-Gel is NSF Registered   NSF Registered

 Special Pan-Gel Offer
                                                                                                pan gel geltabs, condensate drain line treatment

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Pan-Gel geltabs maintains condensate drain pans

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Jul 17, 2014 @ 16:07 PM

 condensate drain pan treatment

Air Conditioning condensate drain pans and lines can be breeding grounds for mold and sludge. These two culprits can lead to big problems, if left unchecked. Mold growth in the condensate drain pan, can negatively affect air quality. Mold is a recognized allergen that has been linked to breathing difficulties and severe illness. Sludge in drain pans and lines can cause stale water odors, and worse; they can lead to clogged or plugged lines. Sludge clogs in the pan or line do not allow the plumbing hardware, to function properly. Condensate that backs up and overflows can cause troublesome and expensive damage to surrounding structures. Avoid these issues with regular maintenance, that incorporates Pan-Gel geltabs.

Pan-Gel geltabs have locking action. It works like this: 

Condensate drips or flows over the tabs, which then produce a gel that locks the tab in place. The tabs are formulated with the powerful ingredient  "AT-8", and operate by means of very slow gel release. The slow release provides aggressive, sustained cleaning action. It prevents mold and sludge formation and buildup and keeps drain pans and lines clear. Stale water odors are prevented because these substances are never allowed to form.

Pan-Gel geltabs begin working immediately and prevent issues that can lead to costly repairs. Significantly, these geltabs do not release chlorine or other toxic or noxious fumes. They are perfect for use in industrial plants, hospitals, apartments, office buildings, schools, food preparation areas, nursing homes, hotels and motels.

Pan-Gel geltabs are NSF Registered:condensate drain pan treatment


                 Special Pan-Gel Offer


Control odors and prevent overflow, inhibit the growth of bacteria, the production of algae, scum and disease-causing organisms, by simply placing the Pan-gel geltab on the condensate drain line. Lasts up to six months.

At Chemex Industries, we provide an an extensive line of environmentally safe solutions for all your maintenance needs and safety requirements. Contact us today to find out more about Pan-Gel gel tabs and other products to meet your facility maintenance and custodial requirements. We are committed to providing a bridge to a greener community with integrity and superior customer service.

    See Pan_Gel Tech Data Here

       Pan-Gel geltabs        pan gel gel tabs, condensate drain line treatment


  condensate pan treatment                Pan Gel Special Offer

Topics: eliminates plugged condensate drain lines, condensate drain pan treatment, condensate drain lines, drain care, inhibit growth of bacteria, inhibit odor causing bacteria

F-2002 Safely Dissolves Uratic Salts In Urinals, Without Harmful Fumes

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Jul 10, 2014 @ 14:07 PM

F-2002 Safely Dissolves Uratic Salts In Urinals, Without Harmful Fumes

uratic salts remover, removes uratic salts

Nobody enjoys dealing with problems related to industrial bathrooms. The smell of the urinals is often overpowering, and the chemicals prescribed to clean them are generally harsh, toxic, and underwhelming in their ability to get the job done. All to often, multiple products are required to tackle the different kinds of encrusted buildup, and the mixing of these products causes harmful fumes, that is apparent with many industrial cleaners.



F-2002, an Acid Replacement Cleaner Does the Job Of Multiple Cleaners

Most maintenance personnel currently use various products to tackle uratic salts (uric salts), that encrust urinals and cause blockages. Mold and mildew, that get in grout and other bathroom fixtures, as well as rust stains, also heighten the concern.  All of these chemicals are typically corrosive and produce harmful fumes, that can be unhealthy for workers. F-2002 safely and effectively accomplishes all of these jobs and more. This makes F-2002 a cost effective option, with the added benefits for workers health.


F-2002 Is Non-Toxic, An Acid Replacement Cleaner

F-2002 safely dissolves uratic salts in urinals with a non-toxic and biodegradable formula. This descaler effectively tackles large accumulations of odorous uratic salt buildup, safely without the corrosive properties. It works effectively on all bathroom cleaning jobs including difficult soap scum and various stains, including rust, without emitting vapors. F-2002 is also a great cleaning agent in food service environments, because of its non-toxic formula. It is safe to use on stainless steel equipment, tile floors, walls, and grouting in commercial kitchens.


Opens Blocked Urinals...




A non corrosive acid replacement cleaner for numerous surfaces.

Additionally, F-2002's application as a floor cleaner/degreaser, on ceramic or quarry tile will increase the slip resistance factor.

If you would like more information on using this non-toxic alternative, for your industrial/commercial  applications, please contact us today.


     uratic salts remover, dissolves uratic salts, opens blocked urinals             acid replacement cleaner, dissolves scale


         See "F-2002" Label Copy Here          


See "F-2002" Technical Data Here




Topics: salt-free urinals, removes calcium rust & lime deposits, drain care, eliminate uric acid salts, Replaces acids, acid replacement cleaner, concentrate acid replacement cleaner, Salt free odorless uratic salt remover, inhibit odor causing bacteria, Uratic Salts Remover

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