Uratic Salts Remover Maintains Waterfree Urinals

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Feb 11, 2011 @ 14:02 PM


Saving water is critical! The waterless and no-flush urinals are endorsed by various water agencies because of their significant savings and efforts to promote "green".

Why do the waterless urinals get blocked?

From an alternative perspective, we've noticed a substantial increase in our sales of Uratic Salts Remover, USR. Urine contains minerals, called uric salts, or uratic salts. Its these salts that crystallize to form massive build ups, smells and blockages. They actually block the outlet of the fixture when not carefully maintained. The waterless urinals include a cartridge that consists of a deodorizer and some enzymes, but the salts evade the cartridge, prior to being trapped, and deposit themselves in the main drains, causing blockages. How often have you noticed the waterless urinals "out of service" with messy plastic wrap discouraging patrons to avoid use, in both public & private facilities?



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The answer to free flowing drains is USR our uratic salts remover. Only an acid or an organic salt has the ability to eradicate mineralization. The addition of USR on a preventive basis, allows for the sustained performance of these urinals.You'll also prolong use of the cartridges with the regular addition of USR.

"USR" is formulated to remove uric salts, hard water residue, rust stains, soap scum, calcium deposits, and other mineral deposits. It controls odors and is safe on urinals and porcelain. Our Uratic Salts Remover is a highly effective, yet safe, odorless product for removing deposits formed in urinal drain lines, from uric salts.

To achieve a safe odorless solution, control odors in urinals, remove calcium deposits and ensure a products that's safe on all plumbing, we recommend our "USR".     


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