Reasons to Buy Uratic Salts Remover from Chemex

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Mar 9, 2011 @ 19:03 PM
  1.  Uratic Salts Remover can quickly and efficiently resolve the problem of urinal drain lines that are completely blocked. Typically the obstruction is uratic salts and scale buildup. USR turns the carbonnates into soft citrates that dissolve, in order to completely clear the drainpipes of all mineral deposits.
  2. Regular preventative maintenance of urinals is the most efficient and cost effective manner to prevent blockages and the foul odors that emit from these lines. Pouring 3-4 oz. of USR into your lines every two weeks will keep them running free of uratic salts. Please see our technical report.
  3. Our product has performed exceptionally in: theme parks, military, dorms, schools, factories,  hotels, etc.
  4. Ordering from Chemex will ensure you get a fair price for your purchase and superior customer service.


We know how to keep your lines running free of harmful deposits.

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