BioProtect Offers Anti Microbial Protection to Schools & Classrooms

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sat, Sep 15, 2012 @ 20:09 PM

The reputation of schools and classrooms are easily tarnished, because of the spread of bacteria, viruses and infection. As students touch tables, chairs, door knobs and countless other surfaces, they are increasing the chances of contacting & spreading infection. A classroom is one location where anti- microbial protection would be extremely beneficial. Applying a bio static product to touch points in and around a classroom, can greatly decrease unwanted microbes, while helping to keep students healthy and free of illness.
Since 80% of infection is spread through areas that constantly receive human contact, it is no surprise that classrooms are tainted with many germs, viruses and bacteria. Children deserve a clean and infection-free environment which is why anti microbial protection would be the best solution to eradicate the spread of health-threatening microbes. Many school systems apply standard cleaning products when wiping down desks and door knobs. However, what they are not aware of is that these products do not offer a bio static solution. Instead of microscopic infections dying from the cleaning product applied, these microbes simply adapt and grow defenses against the compounds. In return, they grow into superbugs and multiply. The risk of microbial mutation increases, with the use of typical sanitation products. This does not even take into consideration the complications associated with improper cleaning procedures that lead to cross-contamination.
Microbes multiply in areas where there is moisture and high temperature. For example, an area that is wiped down with a standard chemical becomes moisturized. If the room is warm, this scenario becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. Instead of offering anti microbial protection, the residue of a regular cleaning product actually allows microbes to grow and spread. If some of the bacteria are killed, the dead microscopic cells of these germs end up becoming food for superbugs. This pattern then becomes a cycle with no real end to contagion.
In a classroom setting, superbugs are unacceptable when it comes to keeping children healthy. While trying to keep bacteria and germs from spreading from student to student, these conventional cleaning products are actually doing the opposite. The precise solution is “BioProtect”, a bio static one-step application that mechanically kills microbes. As an EPA registered product, BioProtect offers the anti microbial protection necessary in classrooms.

                                 invisible microbiostatic coating
Think of BioProtect as microscopic spikes. Whenever microbes comes in contact with the BioProtect spikes, the piercing of the spikes effectively impales the cell wall. This bio static product mechanically kills the cells, ending the possibility of the microbes turning into superbugs and multiplying. In locations where the spread of infection is fast and easy—such as in a classroom—applying BioProtect will prove to be advantageous. The invisible microbiostatic coating will inhibit the growth of fungi, odor causing bacteria, mold & mildew and much more… Anti microbial protection is the answer to the disruption of infection and working to shield classrooms from disease.
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