Preventing the Spread of Infection in the Health Care Industry

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Sep 12, 2012 @ 17:09 PM
Preventing infection is of primary concern in the healthcare industry. With frequent cases such as the whooping cough, skin infections, MRSA and countless others, hospitals and health care clinics must find ways to prevent the spread of infection. One solution to help solve the problem of spreading bacteria (cross-contamination) is applying an anti microbial coating to surfaces and other areas, which commonly come in contact with the public. This protective coating comprises microscopic spikes, that help mechanically destroy microbes that are a threat to human health.

When microbes spread, people try to combat these germs by applying chemicals or poison on surfaces, that will hopefully kill the bacteria. While this may work for the time being, it may not be as effective as the anti microbial coating offered in products such as BioProtect. Poison may kill some microbes but over time, these germs become “superbugs.” Superbugs advance and mutate when microbes have grown accustomed to a poison, so that the toxicity of the poison no longer affects them. The best solution in preventing the intensification of superbugs, is to mechanically fight them with these microscopic spikes. As terrifying infections such as the whooping cough are becoming more prevalent, combating these germs is vital to our health.

With BioProtect, medical and healthcare facilities can protect patients and personnel,  from the spread of infections. The last place an individual wants to catch an infection in is at a hospital. Applying BioProtect on areas where people constantly traverse and to "touch points"—door knobs, counter tops, medical equipment, etc.—can kill the microbes that come into contact with it. BioProtect has microscopic spikes that can help eliminate pathogens, by piercing through the cell walls of the microbe. Instead of poison which microbes can develop a resistance to, BioProtect uses a chain of tiny spikes that will kill these germs.

                             Microscopic Spikes

Unlike other products, BioProtect forms a bond with the surface. This anti microbial coating will fight off unwanted germs that can easily spread the whooping cough, skin infections, malodors and other bacteria. By applying BioProtect on porous or non-porous surfaces, the active ingredients in the solution work to fight off microorganisms that come into contact with the surface. The product is odorless and colorless, allowing it to be invisible to the human eye but deadly to microbes.

 Fight off health-threatening infections, such as the whooping cough and the E.Coli virus, by applying BioProtect to the areas where human are subject to contamination. The anti microbial coating this product offers can help prevent future infections, while keeping the health industry environment free of germs. Hospitals and health care clinics are primary areas where hygiene is the number one priority; this can only be realized if microbes are destroyed and eliminated.

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