Why you should use a Uratic Salt Remover to Maintain Urinals

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Maintain Free-Flowing Urinals Using USR - Uratic Salts Remover.

Using a uratic salts remover is an excellent way to maintain the functionality of your urinals. It can be used for preventative and reactive maintenance, as it quickly opens up blocked urinals. This makes it far less expensive than having to call a plumber out each time there’s a problem with your urinal—and much more convenient too!


Unlike traditional methods, such as jetting or rodding, using a uratic salts remover means you don't have to worry about damaging the pipes or fixtures. Plus, it's designed explicitly for urinal application, so you know that U.S.R. is safe and effective.


Not only does using a uratic salts remover help keep your urinals working correctly, but it can also extend the life of your fixtures. By regularly removing any build-up of salts, you will be able to keep them free from blockages for more extended periods of time. This means that you won’t have to spend as much money or time on maintenance in the long run!

USR-Uratic Salts Remover 2021

USR - Uratic Salts Remover Opens Blocked Urinals!

usr uratic salts remover opens blocked urinals

 Keep your Urinals Free-Flowing


USR Uratic Salts Remover Removes Malodors

In addition to removing the mineral deposits, our uratic salts remover effectively eliminates malodor caused by uric acid buildup. U.S.R. effectively breaks down the organic compounds contributing to the foul odors, leaving a clean and fresh fragrance in the bathroom.

More and more businesses are turning to our U.S.R as an effective solution to maintain their urinals and plumbing fixtures. The uric acid buildup will cause many problems, including malodor, clogged drains, overflowing or slow-draining fixtures, and corroding pipes. Thankfully, our U.S.R. Uratic Salts Remover provides numerous benefits, making it the ideal choice for commercial and institutional bathrooms.


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USR Uratic Salt Remover Removes Uric Salt


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