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Office Building Plumbing Maintenance: Dissolving Uratic Salts

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Nov 15, 2016 @ 13:11 PM

Dissolving Uratic Salts, uratic salts remover, salt free urinalsIn any given office there is a myriad of equipment, platforms, hardware, fixtures, and amenities to maintain.  They each require their own special touch, knowledge, and strategy.  Many can vary from one industry and sector to another; however, there is one element in each and every office complex that is as familiar and important, as it is challenging to maintain: the restroom.  The specific impediment that can cause blockages, odors, build ups and other problems is uratic salt.  But what is uratic salt and what does it do?

Dissolve Uratic Salts and other Minerals with F-2002


Uratic salts are mineral deposits derived from uric acid.  These salts can create malodors and produce a persistent scale that will quickly build up and block urinal drains.  In addition to urinal drain blockages, severe build ups in your traps and other pertinent plumbing equipment will occur.  It can actually dissolve your plumbing and connections.  These common problems can be exacerbated in newer facilities that utilize water free urinals, as means to preserve water.  Now that we’ve discussed the potential problems that not only prevent you have from having a safe, sanitary, and functioning restroom, let’s discuss how to prevent uratic salt build up, to keep your urinals free flowing and your plumbing operational.

salt free urinals, dissolves uratic salts, removes minerals in urinals

F-2002 Acid Replacement Cleaner

In order to eliminate uratic salts and the compounding problems that come with them, you require the following: a regular maintenance procedure and the correct solution.  The best solution for the eradication of uratic salts, hard water residue, soap scum, calcium, and other mineral deposits is F-2002.  F-2002 is an acid replacement cleaner that removes uratic salts from urinals and your drain lines.  F-2002 is a powerful and completely safe cleaner/descaler that effectively removes uratic salts, hard water scale, rust stains, grease, mildew, mold and more.  This innovative acid replacement cleaner offers an unprecedented level of safety in the workplace for plumbing personnel, maintenance crews, employees, and visitors alike.

Keeping a safe functioning, odor free, clean bathroom is crucial on a number of levels to any commercial establishment. Understanding uratic salts and inherent hazards, and more importantly, how to eliminate them, is critical for any maintenance department.  Chemex Industries provides F-2002, which offers multiple applications, specifically dissolving uratic salts, a uratic salts remover designed to keep your urinals and plumbing clear, optimized, and effective.


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uratic salts remover, dissolve uric salts in urinals

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