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If If you have urinals in your facility that are out of service due to blockages and overflows, causing foul odors then you need to read this.

Acid-stable enzymes are important for continual urinal maintenance and promoting performance. Office building management and maintenance workers can provide better restroom experiences for employees, customers, and guests when they use these enzymes. Plumbers may also find this information helpful.

Enzymes are important for all sorts of things, including breaking down organic matter so that it can be flushed safely out of your pipes. While there are many types of enzyme cleaners on the market, acid-stable enzymes are specially formulated to withstand tough environments like those found in many commercial restrooms. That’s why we recommend using them to regularly clean and maintain your urinals. Not only will they help keep your plumbing in good shape, but they’ll also discourage build-up and bad odors – making for a much more pleasant experience for everyone who uses your restroom facilities.


1. What causes lime and scale buildup in urinals?

Lime and scale buildup in urinals is a common problem for commercial urinals - caused by uratic salts, mineral deposits, and hard water scale. The uric scale sticks to urinal walls, quickly becoming embedded with soils and stains that are almost impossible to remove without a powerful cleaning solution. Without addressing this build-up, urinals will begin to emit foul odors as the uric salts accumulate over time. Thankfully, the right solution can break down this crusty uric scale and dissolve the minerals and other debris that lead to bad smells and stains. A solid block cleanser will provide long-lasting effects, even after flushing!

2. How can you prevent lime and scale buildup in urinals? 

UNI TAB is the perfect solution for those looking to prevent uratic salts and lime and scale buildup in urinals. This revolutionary cleaning and descaling product contains a blend of powerful detergents, deodorants, and water conditioners, all combined into one long-lasting solid block that dissolves crusty uric scale for up to six weeks, without hassle. UNI TAB ensures your urinal will stay super clean, smell fresh, and be free of any stubborn buildups.

3. Why is it important to maintain a clean bathroom environment?

Maintaining a clean bathroom environment not only drastically improves the look and feel of any given space, but it also plays a major role in the well-being of your customers and employees alike. Malodors, dirt, and stains not only affect how people feel about using the area but will lead to issues with urinal scaling or result in having to remove urinals from the walls which nobody wants! That's when UNI TAB comes in - with a blend of long-lasting detergents, and deodorants, including descalers all in one block, UNI TAB dissolves that pesky uric scale for good and keeps your bathroom extra clean, odor-free, and avoids backups and overflows. Keep your bathrooms inviting by preventing uratic salts and other minerals from taking hold - trust UNI TAB to do the job!


uni-tabs dissolves crusty uratic saltss


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uni-tabs dissolves uratic salts in urinals


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