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Uni Tab Urinal Maintainer

Uni Tab Urinal Maintainer



UNI-TAB urinal maintainer, dissolves uric salts, deodorizes urinals

UNI TAB contains a blend of detergents, deodorants, and water conditioners in a solid, long-lasting block. It dissolves the crusty uric scale mineral deposits and hard water scale which harbor foul urinal odors. Automatic, self-deodorizing action keeps urinals extremely clean for up to six weeks. Prevents lime and scale from clogging urinals. Single-piece design eliminates the need for separate screens and blocks. Provides continual urinal maintenance. Contains acid-stable enzymes to enhance performance.


  • Keeps Urinals Smelling Fresh & Clean
  • Enzymes Break Down Uratic Salts in Urinals & Urinal Lines 
  • Phosphoric Acid in Formulation Break Down Mineral Buildup
  • Lasts 45-60 Days
  • Prevents Lime & Scale From Clogging Urinals
  • Exceptional Companion Product to USR or F-2002
  • Product Automatically Releases When in Contact with Water (Flushing)




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UNI-TABS urinal maintainer dissolves uratic salts and scale buildup



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