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Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner: Digest Grease and Maintain Grease Traps

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Sep 14, 2016 @ 14:09 PM

Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner: Digest Grease and Maintain Grease TrapsThe way we clean, care for, and maintain things today have drastically improved, even from only a few years ago.  Whether we are talking about household items or industrial equipment, the advancements made in methods and materials is impressive.  This fact is especially true when it comes to your facility’s grease traps

It wasn’t terribly long ago that grease interceptor and grease traps were cleaned with a petroleum-based surfactant, industrial solvent, or high emulsifying surfactants and terpenes.  While these applications liquefied the grease allowing it to move downstream and reduced pumping efforts, they were very slow to biodegrade and took a toll on the environment.

Today there is much more effective and environmentally safe way to maintain and clean your grease trap systems.  Instead of overpowering the build-up with strong, stringent, dangerous surfactants, bacterial formulations are now available.  These microbial formulations are specifically designed for use in drain and grease trap maintenance.  For the difficulties posed by grease within maintenance applications, a higher concentration and specific blend of bacteria is used to degrade organics.  These bacteria offer superior performance in degrading fats, oils, and grease.  These formulations also offer a fresh fragrance for grease traps and drains. 

Chemex 33 GTC is a specially designed solution to treat and maintain both:

  • Grease Interceptor: A specialized compartment of a sewer line that traps grease so as not to clog lines or overwhelm treatment plants downstream.
  • Grease Trap: A small collection area to trap grease for easy removal and rendering.

The biological advantages of Chemex 33 GTC are:

  • A carefully selected 7-strain blend based on enzymatic production.
  • 4x-8x higher counts than industry standards.
  • Lipase producers to degrade fats, oils, and greases.
  • Protease producers to degrade all types of protein.

The latest improvements of Chemex 33 GTC feature a non-emulsifying surfactant that removes grease from the walls of the surface.  It does not liquefy grease and allow it to pass downstream like older, more harmful solutions.  Instead it softens the grease making it easier for the bacteria to digest it.  This biodegradable surfactant is safer for the environment, operations, and offers low toxicity and easy biodegradability. 

When it comes to maintaining your grease trap systems, microbial cleaners that actually digest the build-up of fats, oils, greases, and proteins offer superior performance to older, more harmful methods.  Chemex 33 GTC is a state-of-the-art microbial grease trap cleaner that is safe for the environment and ideal for maintaining grease interceptors and traps.

chemex 33 grease trap cleaner 

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Grease Trap Maintenance: Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 11, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

grease trap cleaner, grease trap treatment, A small grease trap replacement and installation can cost over $1500.  For larger grease traps (750-1000 gallons) the expense can exceed $8,500.  This can be a costly, and still imperative, apparatus for any restaurant, hotel, resort, spa, hospital, food complex, and many other places that require a grease trap system.  So how can you keep your facility safe and sanitary without breaking the bank on repairs and replacements?  Simple grease trap maintenance with effective cleaning products is the best approach.

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves let’s cover the basics of a grease trap.  Whether you call it a grease interceptor, a grease recovery device, a grease converter, or anything else, it has one very important job; and that is to intercept greases and solids before they enter a waste water or municipal water system.  If these systems aren’t able to do their job, there are a variety of problems that can occur.

  • Slips and falls from grease build up, flowing onto floors
  • Foul odor transmission, that can enter the dining areas
  • Grease fires
  • Drain flies, insects and other drain issues
  • Downtime while sink and drains are backed up
  • Hefty Fines

grease trap cleaner, grease trap treatment, biological grease trap care

Now that we know the symptoms of a clogged or broken grease trap, let’s take a quick look at the common problem areas.

  • Crossover Clog: This occurs when a build-up of grease and debris occurs in the crossover line between the two compartments of the grease trap.
  • Incoming Line Clog: A clog in the incoming line will cause the lowest plumbing fixture, like floor drains, in your facility to back up. 
  • Outgoing Line Clog: A clog in the outgoing line will cause both grease trap compartments to overflow.
  • Full Grease Trap: This occurs when grease has not been removed from the primary compartment in a considerable period of time.  When this happens the grease will spill into the secondary compartment and clog the crossover, incoming, and outgoing lines. 

So how do you avoid these inconvenient, and potentially expensive clogs and problems?  Maintenance with a high quality biological grease trap treatment is the answer.  Solutions like this help to prevent grease build-up in between your regular grease trap cleanings.  Chemex-33 grease trap treatment can keep your grease trap clean, clear, and odor free, but how does it work? Chemex-33 digests and degrades fats, oils, and grease to promote free flowing drains and grease traps.  Its live microbial formula won’t harm pipes and provides exceptional odor control.  By regularly treating your sinks, drains, and grease traps with Chemex-33 you will keep your facilities smelling fresh, your drains clear and open, and your grease traps operating at full capacity. 

chemex 33 grease trap cleaner


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