Enzyme-Producing Bacteria for Odor Control and Drain Line Maintenance

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sun, Jan 29, 2023 @ 15:01 PM



We are introducing Digest Plus: the revolutionary enzyme-producing bacterial solution that provides quick, long-lasting odor control and drain line maintenance. Our specially bred cultures digest and liquefy organic waste quickly while eliminating lasting odors on contact. With every gallon containing over 200 billion bacteria, you can trust our certified product to tackle even the toughest stains and smells in no time! 

Digest Plus is a reliable, clean, and efficient way to keep your drains functioning correctly and combat persistent odors. Our specially bred cultures consume organic waste to eliminate odors at their source and keep drains clear for years to come. 

Digest Plus is the ultimate odor-fighting solution for eliminating tough, organic odors and stains in tile and grout flooring. With its enzyme-producing bacteria, Digest Plus works beneath the surface to break down and neutralize urine odors from carpeting and flooring that other cleansers fail to reach. It liquefies and digests organic stains and odors by enzymatic action - releasing only carbon dioxide and water - leaving your business smelling fresh without harsh chemicals.

This long shelf-life cleaner also contains particular spores with a protective shell that keeps them dormant when Digest Plus is sealed in containers. When it encounters organic matter, these bacteria are activated; this makes Digest Plus highly effective against stubborn odors and stains. Whether you’re trying to get rid of the smell of urine in your home or business or want an all-around cleaner that serves as a preventative measure against future odor build-up - Digest Plus is the perfect solution. Its powerful bacteria not only acts as a powerful deodorizer but also has long-lasting effects on surfaces like tile and grout, leaving them clean and smelling fresh for longer periods.




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