Vaportek Odor Control Neutralizes Tough Apartment Building Odors

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sun, Aug 31, 2014 @ 21:08 PM

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In any industry, first impressions are everything, and one of the first things your renters notice about their new home is the way it smells. Nobody wants to live in an apartment that reeks of its former occupants, especially when those occupants used tobacco or had pets. Hotels, nursing homes, hospitals, apartment complexes-- if people will be living there, odor control is a must.  

Vaportek fights foul odors like no other product on the market. For 35 years, Vaportek has been producing an eco-friendly product that Vaportek works on odors embedded into walls, unlike many other odor control services. These products work better than simple air fresheners; rather than covering foul smells, Vaportek's vapor encapsulates & neutralizes them.

Vaportek works on odors embedded into walls, carpet, upholstery, and other porous materials that may have been contaminated by the scents put off by animals or tobacco smoke. The compound works quickly, without generating ozone or causing damage to furniture or the structure itself.

But common, everyday, human & cooking odors aren't the only thing Vaportek works to combat; Vaportek can also be used to eliminate odors left behind after flooding or fires. Smoke odor removal, including cigarette smoke odor removal, is incredibly important in the restoration process.

Once Vaportek has been utilized, the offensive smell is gone! Vaportek products are non-toxic, eco-friendly, made in the USA, and are backed by a 30 day guarantee, for claims involving the membranes, disks, and liquids used in the product, and a 5 year warranty for the equipment manufactured by Vaportek. Chemex Industries offers a wide selection of Vaportek products and would be happy to help you find the odor-control solution that works best for you. If odor control is a concern in your facility, contact us today.


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