Avoid Slip & Falls in Commercial Kitchens

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, May 24, 2018 @ 21:05 PM



remediate anti slip floor treatment bio cleaner

Kitchens are inclined to produce food grease that becomes airborne and lands on your largest horizontal surface - your floors.

Not much that you can do in the food production stage, except to tread lightly, to avoid an accident.



The problem is exacerbated because the buildup on the floor is an ongoing process. Washing down the floor with your favorite degreaser can only remove the surface layer of oils. The underlying accumulation has entered the pores and remains untouched. - Till NOW.
The answer to deep clean your floors and to prevent slippery surfaces is called REMEDIATE. The fats, oils and grease can now be safely digested, from concrete and tile floors without etching - without  using a dangerous acid product.
Our customers are elated with our new concentrated microbial cleaner, designed to remove and remediate fats, oils, grease, protein, cellulose, and starches.
Additionally, REMEDIATE penetrates into all cracks crevices and pores of the surface being cleaned. It removes the most stubborn, deeply embedded grease and grime, leaving surfaces noticeably cleaner and free of any residues. Also a terrific grout cleaner.
The ideal process for greasy food processing facilities with slick floors, is to mop on a solution (one part REMEDIATE with 25 parts water) to the floors, prior to closing for the day. No rinsing necessary. - For kitchens that never close - treat the floors and allow to stand for up to one hour. If there is any surface residue, rinse the floor.
You'll see the cleaning action immediately. Not only will the result be a deep cleaned floor, but the danger of slip and fall accidents are dramatically decreased. Moreover the microbial solution that is washed down your drain will consume organic waste that cause build ups, clogging, malodors, insect infestations and other headaches.
What's not to like! It just makes sense to use a grease attacking, anti-slip, deodorizing bio-cleaner.
This product ships without any hazardous warnings and the safety data is as clean as it gets.
You can see the technical data for REMEDIATE here.
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