Safe Disinfectants. Are You Really Disinfecting?

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Feb 2, 2012 @ 23:02 PM
Regrettably, many people placed in charge of safely disinfecting hospitals, schools, nursing homes, office and commercial buildings are missing the mark. Resulting cross-contamination causes chronic illness and even death.
Its everyone's intention to provide a safe and healthy environment. The challenge is to receive, understand and utilize proper training in disinfecting our surfaces; unfortunately, there's rampant misinformation and an absence of  skilled instruction, regarding disinfectants and disinfecting. -Are buyers procuring the appropriate product? Do custodial people appreciate and understand dwell times necessary to completely eradicate pathogenic bacteria? Most systems currently in place are not working!
How else can you account for the rate of nosocomial (secondary infections) incidents in our hospitals. Improper mopping methods/procedures are considered a leading source of CA MRSA.
Use Safe Disinfectants  Combined with sloppy and inappropriate execution, its no wonder that a health care facility is no place for a sick individual.
(Have you ever seen the inside of a janitors closet.)
Using the best product available with improper procedures will result in a failure to disinfect. Using correct tools and procedures and the wrong disinfectant for the application, will also result in failure...
  • Learn why Bleach usually results in failure to disinfect
  • Understand Parvo Disinfectant Claims
  • Why are some disinfectants dangerous to use?
  • Why are sanitizers a poor choice for health care?
  • How do you know if you've performed your job?

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