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Green Drain: Sewer Gas Prevention in Your Industrial Facility

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Oct 4, 2016 @ 13:10 PM

Green Drain: Sewer Gas Prevention in Your Industrial FacilityThe designed purpose for a drain in any setting is to allow water and other fluids to escape a floor.  However, every drain also serves as a two-way street.  One way for liquid to enter the drain; and another for gas to escape from below.  The truth is any drain can be susceptible to harmful gases, odors, and pests permeating to areas that they aren’t wanted.  This becomes especially true in industrial and commercial areas.

One of the more common and harmful things that can rise from an unprotected drain is sewer gas.  Sewer gas is a complex combination of toxic and non-toxic gases.  Sewer gas is formed from the decay of household and industrial waste.  There are two highly toxic compounds in sewer gas: hydrogen sulfide and ammonia.  Along with exposing your facility to these dangerous elements, there are other risks that accompany exposure to sewer gas.

Hydrogen Sulfide Poisoning

Low levels of hydrogen sulfide will cause eye irritation and respiratory problems.  The rotten egg smell of this gas is very apparent, even with a low concentration level.  Other low level symptoms come in the form of: dizziness, nausea, headaches, and drowsiness.  At higher levels, the danger increases.  Moderate levels can impact your sense of smell, making detection impossible.  At extreme levels an immediate loss of consciousness and even death can occur.

Asphyxiation from Sewer Gas

Large amounts of methane derived from sewer gas decreases the amount of oxygen in the air.  A lack of oxygen can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and unconsciousness.  With very low oxygen levels, death can occur quickly.  Sewer gas will mix with the air indoors and have the highest concentration at the source.

Explosion and Fire from Sewer Gas

With methane and hydrogen sulfide infiltrating areas of your facility the risk of fire and explosions significantly increase.

So how do you protect your drains and facility from sewer gas and all of the potential risks that come along with it?  There is one simple, effective answer.  Green Drain

How Does Green Drain Prevent Sewer Gas and Keep Drains Protected?

The Green Drain can help to prevent sewer gas infiltration and potentially fatal cross contamination and infection spread caused by unprotected drains.  This is an economical drain trap seal device that allows water to flow down the drain while preventing pests, odors and harmful gases and pathogens from creating a risk for your work space. 

Green Drain Has a Unique Design That Let’s Water Through and Keeps Gases Out

Green Drain features a one way drain valve that uses strong silicon skirts.  These silicon flaps allow water to escape, while stopping anything (gas, odor, pests) from entering your space through the drain.  Green Drain is easy to install and comes in these sizes:

  • 2” (51mm)
  • 3” (76mm)
  • 3 ½” (89mm)
  • 4” (102mm)

Green Drain is perfect for any industrial or commercial setting as it increases indoor air quality, protects public health, all while not impairing flow rate.  Green Drain also has no impact on routine plumbing maintenance. 

So before you let an unprotected drain put your facility or people at risk for the harmful effects and risks of sewer gas, install Green Drain to keep your drains and business protected.  Green Drain is one of many eco-friendly cleaning and maintenance products available from Chemex Industries .  For over 40 years Chemex has provided solutions for maintenance and safety needs across a wide range of industries.

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Commercial Drain Trap Safety: Stop Biological Aerosols

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Thu, Sep 1, 2016 @ 11:09 AM

Commercial Drain Trap Safety: Stop Biological AerosolsWhile everything in your facility may look like “business as usual” from the floor up, just below the surface is a thriving environment.  The drainage pipes and drains just under your floor are actually the home to a complex ecosystem of developing harmful microbes.  It’s important to understand that these ecosystems can also create harmful, dangerous biologic aerosols.

What are biologic aerosols?  Also called bioaerosols, they are a suspension of airborne particles that contain living organisms or were released from living organisms.  These aerosols can be created from the microbial biofilms that adhere to the surfaces of drains and pipes. 

What makes drains and pipes so susceptible to these dangerous microbes is that they constantly feed the ecosystem organic and inorganic matter.  The drains essentially act as cradles to bacteria.  This can become an especially dangerous problem for places like hospitals, as the bacteria in these drains can resist antibiotics.  In hospitals, clinics, and doctors’ offices a wide range of bacteria are washed down the drain.  Without a properly maintained drain, the potential for antibiotic resistant bacteria developing and eventually spreading from your drains increases dramatically.

Physical barriers between drainage systems and their surrounding areas are essential.  Harmful biologic aerosols can enter ventilation systems and other vulnerable quarters of your building.  Drainage systems need to be completely tight and intact, where openings have physical barriers.  But what kind of barrier should be in your drain?

Green Drain Drain Trap

The Green Drain drain trap is the perfect implementation for preventing harmful biologic aerosols from infiltrating your facility.  Green Drain can help to prevent the potential for fatal cross contamination and the spread of infection that can be created by unprotected drains.  The special design of Green Drain allows water to flow down while preventing pests, odors, and harmful gases and pathogens from infiltrating your building.  These benefits and features make Green Drain the ideal solution for keeping your facility’s drains safe and clean:

  • Improves indoor air quality
  • Protects public health
  • Does not impair plumbing maintenance
  • Provides backflow protection
  • Easy to install
  • Does not impair flow rate

Keep your drains clean and clear, and keep that complex, dangerous sub drain ecosystem out of your air.  Green Drain provides an eco-friendly, effective barrier between your drainage system and the rest of your facility.  Chemex Industries offers Green Drain to all types of sectors, as well as a wide variety of other environmentally friendly solutions and products.

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Prevent Radon Gas Infiltration from Your Industrial Drain

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Aug 15, 2016 @ 15:08 PM

Prevent Radon Gas Infiltration from Your Industrial DrainOver 20,000 people in North America die annually from exposure to radon.  In fact, radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.  Furthermore, direct and indirect healthcare costs associated with radon-induced lung cancer exceeds $2 billion each year.  While this is obviously a harmful and dangerous gas, the prevention of infiltration in your facility is not only possible, but simple. 

Let’s start with the basics.  What is radon?  Radon is a carcinogenic gas that is invisible, odorless, and tasteless.  It is created by the breakdown of uranium in the Earth’s soil.  The reason radon gas infiltration poses a threat to homes and businesses is that as the uranium in the soil and rock underneath buildings breaks down, it can seep into cracks, joints, small openings in the foundation, and mainly drains.

Unprotected drains are a leading entry point for this deadly gas.  Implementing a drain trap seal device is an effective and affordable way to prevent radon gas infiltration.  They also feature several other benefits including:

  • Drain odor prevention
  • Pest prevention
  • Increased air quality
  • Helps prevent drain overflow

Drain trap seal devices are designed to allow water to flow down the drain, while preventing anything from below from infiltrating your space.

Green Drain Waterless Trap

The Green Drain drain trap is a one-way drain valve that is simple to install and does not impair the drain’s flow rate.  The green technology of Green Drain is designed to protect public health and is Universal Plumbing Code certified.  The simple installation of this drain trap does not impair or prohibit plumbing maintenance and provides sewage backup protection as well as gas infiltration prevention.

The strong silicon skirts employed by Green Drain are the perfect solution for eliminating sewer odors and drain flies, while keeping your drain clear and flowing.

Keep your industrial drain safe, clean, clear, and protected.  Green Drain is an affordable, effective floor drain solution that fits a wide range of drain applications.  Green Drain is just one example of the great, environmentally-friendly industrial maintenance products offered by Chemex Industries.


        green drain to prevent drain overflows

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Floor Drain Problems and Solutions: Prevent Floor Drain Odors and Drain Flies

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Feb 15, 2016 @ 09:02 AM

Prevent Floor Drain Odors and Drain Flies,backflows can occur and cause flood damageFloor drains facilitate the cleaning and maintenance of your production and sanitation locations.  They also play a key role in keeping your work environment safe, especially if there is the potential for excess water or other fluids.  However, with the convenience of floor drains come inherent problems and harmful issues.  Not only can adverse conditions in your floor drains create an unsanitary environment, but they can also lead to both slip & fall accidents and expensive repairs and reconditioning. 

Common Floor Drain Problems

  • Sewer odors can rise from dried traps.
  • Backflows can occur and cause flood damage.
  • Floor drains provide a doorway for insects (drain flies, maggots, roaches, etc.)
  • Drain flies will breed creating additional insect issues within the drain.
  • Expensive repairs may be needed if the drain isn’t properly maintained.

Traditionally the remedy to these problems has come in the form of chemical-based solutions.  However not only is flushing the drain with chemicals harmful to the environment, it may not be effective. Clearing floor drains with these solutions is also labor intensive and repetitive. 

Ignoring the problem will not only lead to the common issues mentioned above, but replacing trap primers can be an expensive undertaking.  After parts and labor a retro fitted trap primer can cost over $1,000.  A new installation can cost over $500. And a water trap primer replacement can cost over $300. When you take this into account for all of your floor drains, the costs can really add up; and without improving your floor drain maintenance measures, you may be doomed to repeat this process.  So what is a better solution to prevent floor drain odors and drain flies?

The Green Drain Floor Drain Solution

The most effective way to prevent odors and stop drain flies in your floor drains is with the Green Drain, from Chemex.  Green Drain utilizes a one-way valve that was designed to eliminate floor drain odors with durable silicon skirts.  These silicon flaps also prevent backups, backflows and insects from entering through the drain.  Green Drain can be installed in the pipe or within the drain housing.  Green Drain is available in four sizes:  GD102: 2 inch, GD103: 3 inch, GD1035: 3.5 inch, GD104: 4 inch.

Green Drain Benefits

  • Green Drain’s one way valve creates a seal that stops floor drain issues.
  • Gases from drains are eliminated.
  • Strong silicon skirts can prevent flood damage.
  • Insects are blocked from entering through drains.
  • Provides an eco-friendly, sanitary and chemical free solution.
  • Lasts for several years and requires little to no maintenance.
  • Easy to install.
  • Improves drainage quality.
  • One way check valve provides insurance froom backflow

When it comes to your facility’s floor drains, ignoring them is not an option.  Neither is settling for odors, insects and unsanitary conditions.  Now there is an alternative to harmful, ineffective chemicals that can stop odors, prevent flood damage and end drain flies and other insects from entering through your floor drains.  Chemex Industries provides environmentally safe and effective cleaning products and tools for a wide range of industries.  Green Drain is a proven and effective floor drain solution and is an example of the quality products that Chemex Industries has available.

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Green Drain Will Solve Drain Fly Issues & Control Floor Drain Odors

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Aug 1, 2014 @ 16:08 PM

Get Rid of Drain Flies and Control Drain Flies

While they may be simple devices, seldom noticed by the public, floor drains are an important aspect to the plumbing system. Industrial buildings, commercial institutions & food service represent just some of these installations with drain fly problems. These floor drains are typically the culprits behind foul odors and insect infestations: Green Drain will solve drain fly issues and floor drain odors. 

The floor drains have a trap that fills with water to prevent foul odors -- methane and other sewer gases -- from pouring out of the drain. Dry traps are often the cause of foul odors in these spaces, as is the build up of slime/bacteria/debris and other sewage contaminents.

Drain flies (Psychodidae family) are small, light-gray to tan flies that feed on organic matter and sewage. They're not exclusive to industrial or commercial spaces; drain flies (sometimes called moth flies or sewer flies) are also found in homes. These small flies lay eggs in decomposing material (i.e. sewage in or under floor drains); an entire generational cycle can complete in less than one week under favorable conditions. Once mature, the flies often come up through the floor drain and infest the area. Potentially pestilent, some of these flies are not dangerous, nor do they transmit diseases. These insects can however, cause problems for people with beathing difficulty, e.g. asthmatics. If your business is related to food service, you must be aware of the deadly distress of Lysteria (Listeria monocytogenes).  One of the most common harborage sites for Listeria is the floor drain. Listeria monocytogenes is the most well-known Listeriagenus and the greatest concern for food safety, because of its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

Green Drain, is the chemical-free solution to flooding and other floor drain maintenance problems. This product has several features to eliminate foul odors, insect infestations, and the need to constantly pour harsh chemicals down your drain. Green Drain's design includes a one-way valve to eliminate the possibility of gases venting upward into the space. It also effectively blocks insects from entering the drain, thus preventing the flies' life cycle from completing. The strong silicon skirt prevents flood damage, in the case of back-flow. 

This product is easy to install; install it in either the pipe or drain housing. Green Drain is available in five sizes: 1.7-inch diameter; 2-inch diameter; 3-inch diameter; 3.5-inch diameter; and 4-inch diameter.            chemex drain control

For more information about Green Drain / Best Pricing or other Chemex products, contact us.

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Green Drain Eliminates Odors, for any Floor Drain

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Jul 30, 2014 @ 23:07 PM

Why Green Drain is the New Eco-Friendly Solution for any floor drain...

Trying to find the right solution or product to eliminate odors from dried drain traps, can make you feel lost at sea. At times, those horribly unpleasant odors can be overwhelming, and while standard practice calls for caustic or acidic drain cleaners, these products can damage the pipes, material of construction, as well as your lungs. Fortunately, there is a natural solution to this problem. Instead of reaching for that bottle of drain cleaner, Green Drain is the New Eco-Friendly Solution for any floor drain.

Green Drain only allows for a one-way flow of liquid, down the drain, so there are no back-ups. Green Drain also prevents hazardous sewer gases and harmful bacteria from leaking up through the drain. Not only does Green Drain's one-way valve and silicon skirts eliminate odors, it also prevents insects from entering through the drains. Additionally Green Drain can prevent flood damage, and it is completely chemical free. This means Green Drain is not only the safest solution to all your floor drain requirements, but is also safe for your environment.

The fumes from chemical drain cleaners can be toxic and harmful to caregivers, maintenance workers, and anyone else in the area. These chemicals, which can actually damage metal pipes, may even cause more work and expense for you in the long run.

Green Drains are better for the environment because you don't add dangerous chemicals, that can leak into soil and water. This chemical-free solution can go in any drain and is suitable for use in kitchens, basements, labs, restrooms, industrial drains, water heaters, laundry rooms, and even showers. 

In today's world, where awareness of the environment is essential, help create a cleaner, safer and more eco-friendly floor drain, with the Green Drain and eliminate those unpleasant odors in your building naturally.

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Green Drain Eliminates All Bugs, Including Drain Flies

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Jul 29, 2014 @ 15:07 PM

The Solution to Eliminate Odors & Pests From Floor Drains: How to Prevent Drain Flies

Installs Right into the pipe or into the drain housing. Simply push down into floor drain pipe for a quick & easy installation.

Once installed your done! No more maintenance necessary. The one way valve will eliminate pests and overflows from entering your facility. The Green Drain features strong silicon skirts to prevent flood damage and odors. No sewer gas, smells, floods or foul odors

Eliminates all bugs, including Drain flies.     Available in Five sizes: Chemex Green Drain1.7 Inch, 2 Inch, 3 Inch, 3.5 Inch, 4 Inch

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Green Drain Will Solve Drain Fly Issues and Floor Drain Odors

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Tue, Jul 29, 2014 @ 13:07 PM

Safely Eliminate Drain Odors

Liquid Breaker's "Green Drain" is a New Eco-Friendly Solution, for Insects and Odors

Insects and odors can be a difficult problem to solve. Stagnant water and gelatinous buildup in drains provide the ideal environment for flies, maggots, roaches, mosquitoes and malodor. The seal technology in our new Green Drain, prevents these issues from finding their way through the plumbing and into your facility.

Eliminates Foul Odors

Odors can be a difficult problem to solve. There are a number of ways foul smells that can find their way into a building and locating the source can be time consuming and expensive. The silicon skirts in the Liquid Breaker Green Drain, provide a one way valve, that creates a seal to keep sewer gases and other foul odors, out of your facility.  

Prevents Drain Flies

Flies, maggots, mosquitoes, roaches and other insects breed in the stagnant water and organic residue found in most floor drains. They are a nuisance at best, but can cause illness if not kept in check. They also can be destructive to your inventory. Eliminating them typically involves caustic or oxidizing chemicals, that are costly and dangerous for the maintenance crew. The silicon flaps in the Liquid Breaker provide a one-way drain flow that prevents flies, maggots and other insects from coming up through the drain. The Liquid Breaker Green Drain eliminates the need to use harsh chemicals and abrasive scrubbing.

The Liquid Breaker Green Drain is easy to install and is a sanitary, eco-friendly solution to many drain related problems. The Green Drain is ideal for new construction projects and can retrofit most existing drains. It is available in five sizes from 1.7" to 4".

For information about using the Green Drain in your facility, contact us today!

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How Does Green Drain Prevent Drain Flys?

Chemex Green Cartridge

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