3 Things to Know about Uratic Salt Remover

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Mar 7, 2011 @ 20:03 PM
  1. As you probably know, urinal drains block rather quickly. A uratic salts (uric salts) remover will be necessary to resove this ongoing problem. Develop a preventative maintenance routine, at least every two weeks, to treat your urinals with USR, Uratic Salts Remover. Dosage is subject to size of pipe and usage. (Typically 3-6 oz. per urinal)
  2. Uric salts or uratic salts develop a tenacious scale buildup that can completely block your pipe. These minerals can actually dissolve your piping and connections over time, if not maintained regularly. (see scale & corrosion) -Using a uratic salts remover will open your clogged pipes and also remove the cause of foul odors.
  3.  This problem is typically exacerbated when using waterfree urinals. Please see previous blog on this subject.

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