Eliminate Tough Organic Odors and Stains, With Digest Plus

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Wed, Aug 27, 2014 @ 15:08 PM


     Eliminate Tough Organic Odors and Stains With Digest Plus

"Digest Plus" is enzymatic and bacterial compound that digests organic matter and uric acid molecules, breaking them down and processing them through natural bioenzymatic action, just as they perform within the natural world. The bacteria soak up the material, then enzymes produced by the bacteria literally digest the organics, producing only water, carbon dioxide and more enzymes as by-products.

This microbial digester, eliminates the need for costly and toxic clean-up processes involving acids or industrial solvents. Commercial plants, industrial installations and food service operations are just a few of the industries that incorporate this environmentally friendly odor eliminator.

However, the practical applications are wide ranging and include school districts, military facilities, hospitals and more. Digest Plus can be used in industrial, institutional and commercial facilities to maintain restroom floors, using a standard mop. Apply directly to the affected surfaces with a sprayer or simply pour onto the specific area.

This incredible digester can be safely used to clean carpets as well, and it has met the DuPont test for use on 'New Generation' carpet, as it will not remove or alter its stain resistant properties. Each and every gallon of Digest Plus is certified to contain at least 250 billion bacteria that need food to grow and reproduce, making it the most effective cleaner for odors and stains that are seemingly impossible to remove.

Contact us today and learn how Digest Plus and its army of enzymes and bacteria can knock out the toughest odors and stains with minimal effort and no adverse affects on the environment.

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