Understanding Enzyme Producing Bacteria

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Fri, Sep 9, 2011 @ 10:09 AM
There are good bacteria & there are bad bacteria. The bad one’s can cause sickness & disease while the good ones are instrumental in such things as fermentation of beer, curing of tobacco and processing of cheese. "DIGEST PLUS" contains only good bacteria, in this case designed to eliminate odors and stubborn stains by bacterial digestion. When the good bacteria in DIGEST PLUS come in contact with organics, they act like sponges to absorb it. Then enzymes produced by the bacteria liquefy and literally digest this matter as their food. In the process, nothing more is produced than harmless carbon dioxide, water and more enzymes.
The bacteria in DIGEST PLUS are living organisms and need food to grow and multiply. Once they contact organic matter, they go to work digesting otherwise impossible to remove odors and stains. DIGEST PLUS eliminates odors and stains more effectively because every gallon is certified to contain 250 billion bacteria.

 Here's how it works...
The Bacterial/Enzyme digestion process is responsible for the digestion of organic waste in aquaculture, agriculture, composting, livestock, municipal and industrial wastewater treatment.
Bacterial digestion is the process of bacteria consuming organic matter. Enzymes act to break the organic matter into water soluble nutrients, which the bacteria digests. Using complex chemical reactions, the organic waste is metabolized down to water and carbon dioxide (the final metabolic waste products), providing the bacteria with energy for growth and reproduction.

Aerobic bacteria require the presence of oxygen to live and function.
Anaerobic bacteria do not require oxygen to live and function.

Organic waste is consumed by the bacteria, used as nutrients by the bacteria, and is no longer present to produce odors, sludge, pollution or unsightly mess.

"DIGEST PLUS" bacteria count and species: Every gallon is certifed to contain 250 billion bacteria. Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus Amuloliquifaciens, Bacillus Lichenformis, Bacillus megatherium, Pseudomonal fluorescens, Commomonas terrigena, Bacillus firmus.

Please view the Technical Data Sheet for more information and applications.

Available in cases of 12 Quarts/Case - 4x1 Gallons/Case - 55 Gallon Drums
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