Prevent overflows by plugged condensate drain lines

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When you have your A/C unit running, you create condensation. The A/C motor (warm), a dark-enclosed environment and condensation, provide the ideal opportunity for disease causing bacteria to thrive.

Without regular maintenance, condensate pans will provide a breeding ground for the build-up of algae, sludge, scum and other messy and odorous organisms. This build-up can cause plugged drains and overflows, which in turn result in water damage. "Pan-Gel" is formulated with ingredients proven effective in cleaning and preventing these deposits, and its use will eliminate the extra maintenance costs associated with odors, plugged drains and overflows.

In addition, the A/C's fan blows & redistributes these microrganisms throughout your facility. - think Legionella... It's not worth the risk of not treating your system.

Inhibit odor causing bacteria, slime and mold on condensate drain pans and drain lines with a single "Pan-Gel" tab. Pan-Gel will last up to six months, so they're very easy & affordable to implement. Moisture in the A/C unit will drip or flow onto the Pan-Gel tab, which creates a gel, which effectively locks the gel tab in place. - That prevents the tab from moving, as other tabs do, which can cause the drain to be blocked.

The unique design formula with AT-8, turns the tab into a very slow gel release, giving it a positive, long lasting ans aggressive cleaning action. The gel tab will clean sludge & other accumulations in your condensate pans & lines, eliminating plugged condensate drain lines and stale water odors. The Pan-Gel tabs last up to six months.

         Pan-Gel are NSF Registered     condensate drain line

Pan Gel, Condensate Pan Treatment is Used by Hospitals, Hotels, Food Plants, Supermarkets, Nursing Homes, etc.

You can prevent the damage caused by the overflow of clogged condensate drain lines, using Pan-Gel tabs. Simply place them into the condensate drain pan and forget about them. When activated by condensation, the tab will turn to a gel and "lock" into place. This ensures that the tab will not move and potentially block the drain. "Pan-Gel" tabs are designed to completely dissolve at an even rate over a 6 month period, leaving nothing to remove when the product is done working.


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