Stay Clean Anti-Soil Carpet Cleaner with Encapsulation Technology

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Unveiling the Technology Behind Clausen Carpet Cleaner and Its Revolutionary Applications

Quality maintenance and long-lasting cleanliness are paramount in the world of carpets. Today, we explore the revolutionary technology raising the bar for cleaning industry professionals and those maintaining environments that demand spotless carpets around the clock.

More than a carpet cleaner, Clausen Stay Clean is an innovation that defies conventional cleaning norms. Engineered to ensure your carpets maintain a “just cleaned” appearance for an extended period and going above and beyond to eliminate the root cause of re-soiling, this solution is altering the landscape of carpet care.

The Science of Keeping Carpets Immaculate

A key component of Clausen Stay Clean’s power is its anti-soiling attributes. Unlike standard cleaning products that leave a sticky residue, this advanced formula ensures that soil doesn’t stick to the surface and, in a rare feat for cleaning solutions, is engineered to not adhere to carpet fibers either. By utilizing a unique blend of surfactants and solvents, Clausen Stay Clean excels in penetration, suspension, and the thorough removal of all types of dirt.

Converting to a fine powder once dry, this residue presents a groundbreaking solution to the problem of tracking in and accumulating on wet carpeting. This not only aids in maintaining carpet health but also eliminates the need for immediate vacuuming, a time-consuming yet essential task with traditional cleaners.

Evolution in Drying Technologies

Clausen’s commitment to exceeding industry standards is further exemplified in the rapid drying capabilities embedded within Stay Clean. Not all water-based solutions dry at the same pace, and the components in this formula have been mastered to expedite the process without compromising quality. The result? Cleaner carpets, faster.

Furthermore, the technology at the heart of Clausen’s Stay Clean sets it apart from competitors. It uses carbonation to release and lift dirt from fibers, reducing drying times significantly. This not only aids in preserving the carpet's integrity but also ensures the entire cleaning process is expedited.


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Compliance with Stringent Guidelines

Anticipating the need to go beyond standard regulations, Clausen ensures its Stay Clean formula complies with technical requirements and meets the most rigid specifications for use on stain-resistant materials like nylon. It achieves this while remaining entirely plant-based and eschewing butyl, a solvent often found in conventional carpet cleaners.

Furthermore, an added advantage of this exceptional formula is its effectiveness in odor control. With an embedded odor counteracting, Clausen Stay Clean balances thorough cleansing with the crucial element of immediate and long-term freshness, providing a comprehensive cleaning experience with every application.

Legacy of Innovation

Since its inception in 1965, Clausen Carpet Solutions has stood as a beacon of progress in carpet care. During this long trajectory, innovations have been witnessed throughout its products. Stay Clean’s Anti-Resoil Technology, one of the many industry-leading features is a testament to its unwavering pursuit of excellence.

Clausen’s commitment to relentless research and development ensures that each cleaner meets and exceeds expectations, setting a new standard for what a clean carpet should be and its longevity. With its All Purpose Spotter's Encapsulation, Clausen has exhibited an unmatched dedication to encapsulation that is second to none in the domain of carpet care.

Applications That Redefine Cleanliness

This breakthrough technology is reaping the rewards of professionals in office building maintenance, hotel housekeeping, professional cleaners, and auto detailers, among others. Clausen Stay Clean’s versatility means that it's perfect for bonnet carpet cleaning and finds its place seamlessly in wet extraction, dry extraction with cylindrical brush equipment, spot cleaning, and rotary shampooing. Its compatibility with wool carpets, a material that poses its own set of cleaning challenges, further cements its position as a staple in the cleaning arsenal of professionals.


Clausen Stay Clean represents more than technological capability; it is a prime example of an innovative approach to a universal problem. By recognizing the issues with conventional carpet cleaners and addressing them through advanced chemistry and material science, Clausen has improved the quality of the cleaning process and set a new benchmark for the cleaning industry.

For the professionals tasked with maintaining the cleanliness of our most trafficked areas and for the patrons who frequent them, Clausen’s Stay Clean isn’t just an enhancement — it’s a necessity. The antithesis of the industry standard is that it doesn’t just clean; it prolongs the need for cleaning, offering a return on investment with every application.

Experience the future of cleaning with Clausen’s Stay Clean and bear witness to innovation that’s leaving its mark, quite literally, under your feet.


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