Grease Trap Cleaner:  Maintaining Your Grease Trap

Posted by Barry Greenberg on Mon, Jul 25, 2016 @ 10:07 AM

grease trap cleaner, grease trap treatment, digests greaseA congested grease trap can cause a number of safety and sanitation issues in food service establishments.  Fortunately, there is a way to prevent the foul odors, backups, and other hazards caused by FOG’s (fats, oils, grease).  Using an effective, microbial grease trap cleaner will keep not only keep your grease intercepting system clear and fresh, but it will minimize your requirement for scheduled pump outs and cleanings.

So what can happen when your grease trap requires maintenance?

  • Odor: One of the most noticeable and damaging consequences of a dirty grease trap will be the foul odor.  As the grease trap fills with kitchen waste and other debris the smell will become stronger.  At this point the trap will need to be emptied.
  • Backups: As the trap fills with grease it can clog and stop working. If this occurs you’ll need to have your trap professionally cleaned. Continuing to attempt to use a clogged grease trap can result in a number of hazardous situations.
    • Grease and water backup creating slip and fall hazards.
    • Strong odors
    • Damaged equipment

Recognizing these warning signs and performing regular cleanings and maintenance of your grease trap can prevent these potential problems.  But what is the best way to keep your grease trap clean?

Microbial Grease Trap Cleaner

Chemex 33 GTC is a multi-strain bacterial solution that is specifically designed to break down fats, oils, and greases (FOG’s), as well as other food waste items in drain lines, grease traps and grease interceptors.  The specific bacterium consortium produces lipase enzymes which target large oil and grease molecules, breaking them down into smaller molecules that are metabolized by the bacteria to quickly degrade the fat and reduce blockages. 

Grease traps typically harbor a lower pH environment.  The strains in Chemex 33 are specially designed to work in these pH ranges and break down a wide variety of materials, including:

  • Vegetable, soy, canola, and olive oil
  • Sold fats such as lard, beef tallow, and butter
  • Starch, proteins, and cellulose

This grease trap cleaning application is environmentally safe and will keep your grease traps and interceptors clear and running.  It is also very effective for: kitchen drain lines, wet wells and wastewater piping, municipal wastewater plants, industrial wastewater treatment (specifically in the food industry).

Convenient Automated Treatment

Even with an effective treatment like Chemex 33, waiting until you recognize a problem to apply it could still mean trouble.  However with a consistent, regimented application schedule, your drain lines, traps and interceptors will stay clean and clear.  But maintaining a strict schedule can be difficult task when added to the regular duties of the day.  This is where Pro-Watch pump systems come in.  Pro-Watch is a microprocessor based chemical dispensing system for grease traps, drains, and odor control.  It is programmable by the day, minute, or even second.  Pro-Watch also has the ability to add a misting kit, making it an advanced chemical spray system.  Pro-Watch features:

  • Microprocessor based control
  • High impact thermoplastic, watertight case
  • LCD display
  • Self-priming
  • Wall or shelf mounting
  • Non-volatile program memory
  • 115 volt transformer or 6 volt batteries

While a clogged or dirty grease trap can cause a number of problems, there is one simple and very effective solution.  End foul odors coming from the kitchen, and prevent dangerous slip and fall environments by treating your grease trap with Chemex 33, microbial grease trap cleaner, that degrades the build-up of FOG’s.


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