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Posted by Barry Greenberg on Sat, Sep 11, 2010 @ 18:09 PM

Do you require an enzyme producing bacteria product? Some of the features should include: digest organic matter, produce enzymes, digests foul odors, liquefies grease, eliminates uric acid odors - Please continue

Are you reading about the bacteria (microbes) digesting the oil in the Gulf? Biologists at UC Berkeley are linking the oil-eating bacteria, as the explanation of why the oil seems to have degraded. Terry C. Hazen, the chief microbiologist at The Dep't of Energy's "Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory" credits gamma proteobacteria for gobbling up the oil.

How bacterial digestion works: Bacteria are specifically "farmed" to consume organic matter/waste. The waste may be oil, decomposing food, fecal matter, urine and other organic material. Bacteria wil breakdown or synthesize one precise compound. Bacteria then feed on this "food" in order to survive and reproduce. Additionally bacteria secrete enzymes, also specific to its food source. An enzyme is a chemical catalyst that aids the digestion process by breaking up complex waste molecules so that the bacteria can easily & quickly consume the degraded material. The bacteria then reproduce in a rapid geometric progression also generating their own enzymes to continue this process.

One bacterium becomes 2 in about 15-20 minutes and reproduces about 15 minutes thereafter. In 5 hours one bacterium becomes 1,000,000. When the bacteria colony reaches a "tippping point", the food sources are consumed instantly.

The typical product required by industrial and commercial concerns is designed for waste degrading, odor removal, drain-line maintenance, grease trap maintenance,Wastewater Plants, Septic Tanks and RV & Marine Porta-Toilets. These products can be either liquid, granular or a solid form.

The product should possess the following:

  • Contain seven or more Synergetic strains (cultures) of non-pathogenic bacteria
  • Enzyme Producing
  • Contains 250 Billion Enzyme Producing Bacteria per Gallon
  • Safe on Surfaces
  • Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria
  • Eliminates odors and suspended soils
  • liquefies Grease
  • Removes organic stains from carpet, fabrics & other porous materials
  • Eliminates Uric Acid Odors
  • Resistant to bleach
  • Resistant to hot & cold
  • Non-Toxic

Our product DIGEST PLUS, a liquid, can be utilized to eliminate hydrogen sulfide fumes.

Please view the technical data on DIGEST PLUS on our website.

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