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Monopole Inc. Specialty Products

 Permashield Premium

Graffiti Resistant Coating

Aquaseal ME 12

Positive Waterproofing 

Aquaseal W20

Concrete Floor Sealer

USDA & FDA Approved


Permashield PREMIUM Graffiti Resistant Coating 5600
 AquaSeal ME12 Positive Waterproofing  Aquaseal w-20 concrete sealer


Concrete Floor Sealer

USDA & FDA Approved


 Permashield 200

2K Water Based

Aliphatic Polyurethane




Non-Skid Elastomeric

Deck Coating

 PERMASEAL concrete sealer usda and fda approved  Permashield 200 aliphatic polyurethane  Dex-Coat elastomeric deck coating
Non-Sacrificial Graffiti
Resistance Coating

Monochem 21

Epoxy Primer/Topcoat

"Sticks to Anything"




Acrylic Garage &

Driveway Coating

permashield graffiti resistant coating, resists graffiti
Monochem-21 epoxy primer topcoat        floorcoat acrylic garage and driveway coating
Rust Converter
Kwik Dri - Energized

 Electrical Equipment Cleaner

Aluminum Complex Grease

rust converter converts rust to feric oxide
energized electrical cleaner, contact cleaner,

aluminum complex grease 
Anti - Seize Lubricant
Super Impact Grease
Dry Moly

anti-seize lubricant

super impact grease
dry moly 
FGL - 2014 
Fire Hydrant Lubricant
NSF Certified
Food Grade Silicon

Loosex Penetrant

 lubricate fire hydrants, food grade lubricant
 food grade silicon Loosex Front .jpg 
RTV Silicon Gasket Maker
F - 2002
Acid Replacement Cleaner

All-Natural Citrus Degreaser


RTV silicon gasket maker   f-2002 acid replacement cleaner all natural citrus degreaser 
C - 50 Food Plant Degreaser
RX - 71 
Acidulated Foam Cleaner
Big Bear H.D.
c 50 plant food degreaser  rx 71 acidulated foam cleaner   big bear hd degreaser
Wash and Wax

Removes Heavy Road Film

Aluminum Brightener
PG - 5000
Asphalt Release Agent
 wash and wax  aluminum brightener pg-5000 pic.jpg 
CR - 93 
Hard Water Spot Remover
Pan - Gel Gel Tabs
Condensate Drain Pan Treatment
RX - 44 ACE
Disinfectant Detergent Deodorizer
 External view of a contemporary house modern villa.jpeg
pan-gel gel tabs condensate pan treatment
rx 44 disinfectant detergent deoderizer 
RX - 75 RTU Disinfectant
Miracoil 2 
Coil Cleaner
   rx 75 rtu disinfectant Miracoil 2 coil cleaner 
Uratic Salt Remover
Green Drain
Solves Drain Fly Issues & Floor Drain Odors
VS - 102
Insecticide Spray - Vanilla
 uratic salt remover, no salt urinals,  green drain solves drain fly issues and floor drain odors  vs-102 insecticide spray vanilla
Doom 2
4-D Solvent Based Weed Killer
Eco Absorb 
Super Absorbent Spill Clean - Up
Uni - Tab
Urinal Maintainer
 Doom 2 4-d solvent based weed killer  eco absorb super absorbent spill clean up  uni tab urinal maintainer
Gritty Foam 
Industrial Hand Cleaner
Graffiti Barrier
No More Vapor
Liquid Vapor Suppressor
 Gritty foam industrial hand cleaner  graffiti barrier  no more vapor liquid vapor suppressor
Reflective Coating
Triple Zero Concentrate
SC - 100 
Graffiti Remover

Safe on Lexan

 reflectback reflective coating  triple zero concentrate graffiti remover safe on plastics and lexan 
Lift Station Degreaser
Klear Out GX
Fireball 2
Non - Acid Drain Line Opener
 lift station degreaser  klear out gx fireball 2 acid drain line opener 
Walk - A - Sured
UV Resistant
Minute Mendy Epoxy
C - True
Headlight Renovator
 walk-a-sured uv resistant  minute mend eposy c true headlight renovator 
Sewer Tracing Dye
Clay Compound

Removes Tree Sap


Waterless Wash & Shine

One-Step Vehicle Wash


 sewer tracing dye  Clay Coumpound_FA_CROPPED.jpg  Waterless Wash and Shine_FA_CROPPED.jpg
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Glass Treatment
Concrete Curing, Sealing and Dustproofing
Eco Seal 
Drain Trap Sealer & Deodorizer
 see more glass treatment  permaseal concrete curing sealing dustproofing  eco seal drain trap sealer and deodorizer
K0 - 2015 
Graffiti Remover
Rapid Seal - A 
Aerosol Roof Patch and Leak Sealer


Power Plus
Foaming Organic Engine Degreaser
 Graffiti remover, vandal mark remover
 rapid seal a aerosol roof patch and leak sealer Power-Plus_A.jpg