Insecticides/Ground Maintenance


"PERMITH" — Permethrin (RTU) Space, Fog, Contact Spray - Very Low Odor — Tech Sheet

Effective, fast-acting insecticide residual crack and crevice treatment, and also for use as a space spray or fogging treatment (3 in 1). Controls cockroaches, water bugs, scorpions, sow bugs, ants, silverfish, spiders, clover mites, granary weevils, carpet beetles, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, clothes moths, dust mites, lice and louse eggs, flies, fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, hornets, and bees.

"RESIDUAL SPRAY" — 1% Baygon- Solvent - Industrial & Institutional — Tech Sheet

Use for apartments, food and meat processing plants, commercial buildings, warehouses, office buildings, and outdoors around the perimeter of structures. Ready to use. Solvent-based. Active ingredient: Baygon 1.0%. USDA F-2 rated. Provides rapid kill of crawling insects. Long residual activity.

"MALATHION - 2%" — Pyreth-Malathion - Outdoor ant & roach — Tech Sheet

Use for homes, schools, theaters, warehouses, motels, hotels, and other industrial buildings. Ready to use. Solvent-based. Active Ingredients: Pyrethrins 0.05%, Piperonyl Butoxide 0.125%, Malathion 2%. Apply as a coarse spray or paint brush or low-pressure spray around window and door jams, walls, ceilings, under eaves, around garbage cans, along foundations. Quick knock down. Use outdoors to control ants, cockroaches, fleas, crickets, silverfish, spiders, and scorpions.

"ANT & ROACH AQUEOUS II" — Bedbugs, Lice, Fleas, Roaches, 60 day — Tech Sheet

For domestic use, both indoor and outdoor. 60-Day Control. Ready to Use. Dilutes for outdoor use on livestock pests, flowers, fruit and nut trees, vegetable gardens and surface of buildings. Water-based. Active Ingredient: 0.25% Permethrin (Synthetic Pyrethroid). Coverage: Surface Spray: 1 gallon to 750 square feet. Controls cockroaches, waterbugs, palmetto bugs, scorpions, sowbugs, ants, crickets, silverfish, spiders, clover mites, stable flies, deer flies, cheese mites, confused flour beetle, granary weevils, carpet beetles, bedbugs, fleas, ticks, clothes moths, dust mites, lice and louse eggs, face flies, fruit flies, gnats, mosquitoes, and hornets.

"BUGS 'R' DONE" — Citrus Oil - Contact crawling & flying — Tech Sheet

BUGS 'R' DONE is a highly effective, environmentally safe indoor and outdoor insecticide containing pure orange peel oil, nature's own botanically-derived, insecticide. In combination with four other ingredients, all named by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration as 'GRAS,' Generally Regarded as Safe in human foods, BUGS 'R' DONE bears a warning-free EPA-approved label in EPA's least hazardous category IV.

"SUN-DUST ROACH AWAY" — Pyrethrin/Powder, Roach Control — Tech Sheet

Uae for residences, institutions, food plants, granaries, and on cats and dogs. A dry dust, which is odorless and non-staining. Active Ingredients: 1.0% Pyrethrins; 10.0% Piperonyl Butoxide; 40.0% Amorphous Silica Gel. Apply powder liberally to the animal, rubbing thoroughly to the skin. Six-month residual when left undisturbed. Controls ants, cockroaches, silverfish, bedbugs, fleas, lice, bees, stored product pests, drywood termites. Use on Lawns, basements, and crawl spaces, surfaces of kennels, beds and mattresses.

"TALSTAR" — Granular - ants, fire ants, fleas (25#/Bag)

Please call for complete information on this product.

"VS 102 ROACH & ANT SPRAY" — Aerosol Vanilla Fragrance — Tech Sheet

VS 102 is an EPA-registered residual crack and crevice insecticide spray. VS 102 drops a broad spectrum of insects on contact. This vanilla scented formulation contains esfenvalerate, for residual control up to seven weeks and ETOC for quick knock down and flushing action. The dual action valve and spout allow the product to be sprayed in a powerful, straight stream that can be directed into hard-to-reach areas or a less forceful mist pattern for use as a surface spray on baseboards, etc.

"MULTI-USE INSECT FOGGER" — Total Release Aerosol — Tech Sheet

An easy-to-use total-release room fogger that effectively kills a wide variety of flying and crawling insects. Pyrethrins and other active ingredients kill fleas, cockroaches, crickets, ants, confused flour beetles, houseflies, rice weevils, sow bugs, mosquitoes, small flying moths, ticks, sawtooth grain beetles, and spiders.

"WASP & HORNET SPRAY" — Aerosol - Nonflammable, dielectric 40,100 volts — Tech Sheet

This rapid contact kill and rapid knockdown wasp, hornet and yellow jacket killer contains tetramethrins and other active ingredients that literally stop pests in flight. Long-range spray allows killing these insects while standing up to 20 feet above the ground, away from their nests. Together with the "instant knock down" effect, this prevents the chances of being stung by attacking insects. A powerful blast valve allows rapid delivery and saturation of nests.

"KLEEN-WEED" — Ready to Use - Pramitol — Tech Sheet

For total weed control around the workplace where no plant growth is desired. Controls blindweed, common mullein and other hard-to-kill weeds. Prevents plant growth for up to one year. KLEEN WEED is a non-selective product intended for use without further dilution. For best results, apply to bare ground or when weed growth is just starting. Weeds taller than 4-6 inches should be hoed before treatment, or it may be necessary to make a second application. A second application may be necessary to control deep-rooted perennial weeds. Use for bare ground vegetation control in driveways, brick walls, paths, blacktop, parking areas, along fences and curbs, around buildings and under graveled pathways where plant growth has come through these surfaces.

"WEED-OUT" — Bromacil - Water Dilutable 10:1 season kill — Tech Sheet

Use for total vegetation control in areas such as railroads, pipelines, tank farms, lumber yards, fence rows and parking lots. Non-selective herbicide with Bromacil. Kills by translocation and root absorption; moves through soil for effective control of perennial grasses. Water-dilutable concentrate. 1-part WEED-OUT to 10-parts water. Non-corrosive, non-flammable, and non-volatile. Controls weeds such as crabgrass, broomgrass, dandelion, bermuda grass, and other hard-to-kill perennials.

"MONOBOR CHLORATE" — Granular or water dilutable - (50#/Bag) — Tech Sheet

Completely effective, single-application grass and weed killer which quickly and easily eliminates all vegetation, including weedy grasses, and annual and perennial weeds. Keeps property weed-free all year. Use it on parking and patio areas, asphalt and gravel driveways, along fences, around buildings, or wherever there is a weed problem. Has contact action (when used as a spray), plus deep-root kill when used either as a spray or dry. Easily applied, straight from bag to soil or gravel. Can be used with any spreader suitable for granular application.

"ROUND UP PRO" — 41% Glyph w/surf - no residual

Please call for complete information on this product.

"WEED-GO" — Prem. Solvent base one year residual - dilute 12:1 — Tech Sheet

Use for complete vegetation control on non-cropland areas, such as industrial sites, fence rows, storage areas, and parking lots. Apply before weeds emerge, or up to 3 months after. Nonselective Herbicide with Prometone. Oil-based — Water-dilutable emulsifiable concentrate. Kills by contact and root absorbtion. Can be applied to ground prior to laying of asphalt, or may be mixed with cutback asphalts. Effective woody plant and brush control. Use as a spot treatment. Prevents regrowth on driveways, walks, paths, black top and graveled areas, and for creating firebreaks. Controls such weeds as oxalis, crabgrass, Bermuda grass, spotted spurge, mustard dandelion, wild morning glory, poison oak, honeysuckle, and blackberry.