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FOUNDED IN 1973, CHEMEX INDUSTRIES, INC. is an Irvine, California-based distributor of specialty chemicals, safety supplies, and equipment. Chemex services industry, municipalities, food services, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and government by providing an extensive line of environmentally safe solutions for all your maintenance needs and safety requirements:


To place integrity foremost in all corporate decision-making and deal ethically and professionally with both our customers and suppliers. We are committed to providing environmentally safe solutions and in responding immediately to the needs of our customers. Product quality and customer service remain top priorities, and we constantly set new standards in our industry.


Currently, we are featuring a newly formulated acid replacement cleaner and one of our many newly formulated cooling tower products. Please see the listings below:

"F-2002" — Acid Replacement Cleaner — Label Copy

This acid-free, breakthrough acid replacement cleaner has made acids and acid-based cleaners obsolete for most applications. F-2002 is safe for users and the environment.

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"CWT 500B" — One of Our Cooling Tower Products — Label Copy

CWT 500B is one of our many cooling tower products, and is designed to provide inhibition for calcium, scale and oxygen-induced corrosion attack. CWT 500B contains the required ingredients to provide for dispersment of sludge-forming solids that occur in low temperature cooling systems. Designed specifically for use in HVAC, including small to medium recirculating evaporative cooling tower systems and/or evaporative condenser systems.