Odor Control


"DIGEST PLUS" — Bio Enzymatic Odor Digester — Tech Sheet

There are good bacteria and there are bad bacteria. The bad ones can cause sickness and disease, while the good ones are instrumental in such things as fermentation of beer, curing of tobacco and processing of cheese. DIGEST PLUS contains only good bacteria, in this case designed to remove foul odors and stubborn stains by bioenzymatic action. When the good bacteria in DIGEST PLUS come in contact with organics, they act like sponges to absorb it. Then enzymes produced by the bacteria liquefy and literally digest this matter as their food. In the process, nothing more is produced than harmless carbon dioxide, water and more enzymes. The bacteria in DIGEST PLUS are living organisms and need food to grow and multiply. Once they contact organic matter, they go to work digesting otherwise impossible-to-remove odors and stains. DIGEST PLUS eliminates odors and stains more effectively, because every gallon is certified to contain 250 billion bacteria.

"RX 22" — Space Deodorizer — Tech Sheet

RX 22 is an instant action odor counteractant that eases foul odors in institutional, industrial and commercial situations. With AIRICIDE® odor counteractant, it is designed to change the size and shape of odorous molecules so they are not recognized as the bad odors they would have been. Then, RX 22 leaves a pleasant residual aroma to freshen articles on which it is used. As a space deodorizer, RX 22 is superiosr for spray or fog applications because it travels quickly to every remote part of a room, but has lasting effectiveness. It is excellent as a deodorizer for carpets, draperies, upholstery, bedding, clothing, etc., because it is long-lasting, non-flammable, non-staining and safe for use on colorfast textiles.

"RX 60" — Foul Odor Counteractant — Tech Sheet

RX 60 is a multi-purpose, broad spectrum, water-soluble odor counteractant, many times the effectiveness of ordinary deodorizers, thus working against stronger, more disagreeable odors for longer residual action. RX 60 is formulated with AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant to change the "geometries" of odorous molecules in the air so they are not perceived as unpleasant. Just squirt RX 60 on the source of foul odors. Add it to cleaning solutions, rug shampoos and rinse water, or dilute it with water for use as a space spray. RS 60 acts quickly to counteract odors from animals, sickness, incontinence, decomposition, cooking, cigar and cigarette smoke, liquor, beer, garbage, trash, paint, chemicals, etc.

"RX 20F" — Fabric, Carpet & Air Freshener — Tech Sheet

The absorbent fibers in carpets, upholstery, draperies, and other textile products act as wicks to hold and then release foul odors into the air, or they can radiate an aroma for freshness, with RS 20F giving evidence of cleanliness and good housekeeping in the whole area where used. The latter is easy with RX 20F — it contains AIRICIDE®, our proprietary, proven effective odor counteractant. AIRICIDE® acts to immediately neutralize bad odors in fabrics and textile fibers so they will not fight the pleasant, long-lasting fragrance of the essential oils in RX 20F.

"RX 19E" — Circulator type Microcells — Tech Sheet

RX 19E microcells are the nearest thing to a liquid in solid form. They hold practically 100% of their calculable volume of AIRICIDE® Odor Counteractant, yet they won't spill or drip like liquids. Nor will they skin or crust over as do gels. The space age microcells hold the AIRICIDE® till exposed to the air, then gradually, but steadily, release it by capillary action to change the size and shape of odorous molecules so it is recognized as something different and more pleasant than it would have been.

"UNI TAB" — Urinal Maintainer w/ acid & enzymes — Tech Sheet

UNI TAB contains a blend of detergents, deodorants, and water conditioners in a solid, long-lasting block. It dissolves the crusty uric scale, mineral deposits and hard water scale which harbor foul urinal odors. Automatic, self-deodorizing action keeps urinals extremely clean for up to six weeks. Prevents lime and scale from clogging urinals. Single-piece design eliminates the need for separate screens and blocks. Provides continual urinal maintenance. Contains acid-stable enzymes to enhance performance.

"RX 31" — Super Sorbent for Trash — Tech Sheet

This highly effective odor counteractant product is composed of recycled carbonized paper pulp that has been pulverized for immediate absorption of putrid odors in the air, and for maximum absorption of the liquid swill that generates such foul odors. The pulp is in small, extremely lightweight pellets that are then impregnated with 100% AIRICIDE® that vaporizes to erase any odors already in the air. This incineratable, completely biodegradable, environmentally-friendly product is easy to use. Just apply at bottom of dumpsters, compactors, trash and garbage conotainers, or add a small amount each time you add waste. Absorbs 300 times its own weight and twice its volume of liquid. That's several times the effectiveness of competitive clay products.

"NUSCENT" — Fogging Deodorizer — Tech Sheet

NUSCENT controls and neutralizes offensive odors caused by nitrogenous and sulfurous sources. NUSCENT is a concentrated odor suppressant/deodorizer that is uniquely formulated to control and eliminate foul odors with a three-phase action: (1) Attacks and deactivates organic odor sources; (2) Functions as a reodorant to combine with or replace malodors; and (3) Leaves a pleasant fragrance in its place. Non-flammable, non-hazardous, and biodegradable.

"FRESH N' CLEAN" — Total Release Odor Eliminator — Tech Sheet

FRESH N' CLEAN neutralizes all types of malodors, leaving a pleasant linen fragrance. Effectively eliminates odors caused by urine, feces, decay, rancidity, animals, fire, tobacco smoke, cooking and mildew. Each can neutralizes odors in up to 6,000 cu. ft. of space. This product is not a cover up, but chemically destroys the odor molecule, thus eliminating offensive odors.

"SWEET DREAMS" — Mulberry Jelled Deodorant — Tech Sheet

These unique jelled deodorants are designed to be used anywhere offensive odors are a problem. The clinging gel allows product to be applied on horizontal, vertical and irregularly shaped surfaces. Its slow releasing formulation continuously provides fragrance for extended periods of time. Then, the gel will totally evaporate. Reapply as necessary. Ideal for use on hard, nonporous surfaces. Spray on air conditioner filters, above doors, in trash receptacles and dumpsters, on walls, in port-a-toilets, above ceiling fans and behind toilets.


The Fiesta line of metered air fresheners chemically works to neutralize unpleasant odors. Products can be used in conjunction with many automatic actuating aerosol dispensers that deliver fresh fragrance every 15 minutes. One can will keep an area constantly deodorized for up to 30 days. All of the active ingredients are released, making this the most effective technology for odor counteracting on the market today. The fine, dry mist is nonstaining. The fragrance stays suspended in the air long after the offensive odor has been destroyed, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Insect repellent: Natural citronella oil repels flying insects. Freshens the air: Patented odor neutralizer combines with the natural citronella oil, eliminating odors at their source and leaving a pleasant citrus fragrance. Eliminates malodors: All-natural granules infused with citronella oil absorb liquids in waste receptacles that may cause offensive odors.