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Equipment and More


Chemical Proportioning System


Chemical Proportioner System


MX Proportioning System 

kp1h chemical proportioner

 MX-102  MX Dial 4 Hospitality

Poseidon 7 Series

Pressure Washers 




Portable HEPA Vacuum




Doodle Scrub 




POSEIDON 7 series

 HEPA PRO 10  doodle scrub
 Hammerhead Shark -Self-Contained Extractor                                   Model # HHS-1812
 Venom VN20DS 20"      Dual Speed Buffer Multi-Purpose Polyester Brush  
HammerHead_Shark Extractor 
Viper 20 inch dual speed buffer, vn20ds, venom 
 Sanitation Brush
 Polymer Adjustable Handles # 8800 - Sanitary 
Swivel Brush- Polyester  Doodle Skate (NEW) 
Handles_8800_Sanitary.png   Swivel Brush, Sparta Brush,           doodle_skate_03.jpg         
Cleaning/Disinfecting Systems 

Pure Flow 1000

Eyewash Station 

MX Proportioning

System (1-4 Stations) 

TProS.png  Eyewash Station mo plumbing required, full 15 minute cycle,   proportioner to dilute chemical
20 Gallon Spill Kit

Oxi-King  Safe Simpler

Way to Kill  Legionella

Pathogen Compliance Center
hazmat spills, universal spills  oxi-king.png  pathogen compliance center, bsk tool with rx75, body fluid kit
Baseboard Brush w/ Foam Block  Deck Scrub Brushes  Sink Mate Dispenser 
Baseboard brush foam block, not wood  Deck scrub brush swivels to clean floors  sink_mate_hospitality,
MX Hospitality Cabinet System  Dial-A-Chem Hose End Foamer  Foam Clean 
MX Hospitality Cabinet System,  Dial a Chem Wall Mount, Hose end Foamer,   Foam Clean,


Knight Watch Proportioning for

Grease Traps & Odor Control 


Neptune 4-36 FAX

Hot Water Pressure Washer


Flood Sucker 

grease trap proportioner, odor control proportioner   Hot Water Pressure Washer, neptune 4-36 fax Attix 19 AE Flood Sucker, Sump Pump Vacuum


Doodle Bug Threaded

Pad Holder



 Scrub & Dry



Doodle Bug pad holder Scrub & Dry Squeegee - color coded.gif Scrub & Dry Squeegee.jpg MOERMAN.bmp 





TOUCH-FREE All-Purpose Cleaning





FM40 LX & FM40 ST

Orbital Scrubbing Floor Machines





Focus ll MicroRider

Autoscrubber with BOOST 



 TFC400 all purpose cleaner, hd sprayer FM40 LX orbital scrubbing floor machine, fm40 st clarke machine   Focus II BOOST Rider with boost technology


Focus ll Compact

Autoscrubber with BOOST


TrapEze Disposable

Dusting Sheets 

Focus II Compact autoscrubber with BOOST,  trapeze-group