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VAPORTEK - Odor Control

Guaranteed to Work for You! Proven Vapor Technology

VAPORTEK Products provide Green and environmentally friendly solutions for:

  •  Offensive smell and odor control problems, including smoke and musty odors.

  • Air treatment and deodorization: including industrial, medical and commercial locations

Why we’re unique:

  • Our proprietary membrane technology works safely and quickly, using natural oils to neutralize odors and enhance indoor environments.

  • Vaportek dry vapor systems do not use or create ozone, and contain no added alcohol, petroleum distillates, CFCs or harmful ingredients. These systems have been proven especially successful in the restoration/cleaning industry to quickly, safely and effectively remove odors.

VaporShark, Restorator, Optimum 4000, Bio C GP, H D Stand Alone, Portable Industrial...


Vaportek is your source for a wide range of innovative and ecologically sensitive odor neutralization and air treatment products. We use blends of 32+ natural essential oils - such as eucalyptus, pine, lemon, etc. Our systems do not utilize or create ozone!


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